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Antique Grandfather Clock, Tall Case Clock

Item: Antique Scottish Grandfather Clock.

Age & Condition: Circa 1820-1840. Serviced and Cleaned. Case has Original finish. Repaired foot. Sold at Bohemians antique furniture.

Size: 17.5″ wide x 10″ deep x 87″ tall.


Antique Grandfather Clock

Antique Grandfather Clock made in Dundee, Scotland. This beautiful tall case clock has an incredible mahogany case. As an historic clock, this antique grandfather clock has many beautiful features.

Tall Case Clock

This tall case clock has an equally beautiful case and hand painted face. It is signed by the maker, John Lundie in the face. John Lundie belonged to a trade association during the years 1809-1837 in Dundee, Scotland. Thus, this clock goes by the title, “Lundie of Dundee Clock.” The Makers Name and Place of Business is displayed across the center of the dial.

Notable on the clock is the phenomenal mahogany grain of the tall case clock. The flame mahogany clock engulfs the base of the case and the door of the case. This figured wood makes this grandfather clock especially beautiful, and rare. The top features a broken arch with golden rosettes. In the center, a brass finial of a Pheonix or bird rises to the top of the grandfather clock.

The face, too, has incredible charm. The tin face has very artful paintings of morning glories, roses and fruit. Gold leaf paint and very delicate cross-hatching and stripes further decorate the clock face.

Scottish Grandfather Clock

This Scottish Grandfather Clock has the original pendulum and weights. Indeed, the pendulum itself has decorations dating to the 1800’s as well.

The chains and movements received an overhaul in the 1990’s. We also did work to the clock works. In fact, our local clock repairman had this antique grandfather clock at his workshop for quite a few weeks! During that time, he cleaned all of the parts. Then, he replaced one hand on the clock face that was beyond repair. He allowed the clock to run, checking for accuracy of the hour, minute and second hand. You may also notice that this clock has a fourth hand and dial. This accounts for the day of the month. Thus, with all of this attention, the antique clock runs very well and keeps good time. It rings on the hour and counts the hours as it chimes. It is an 8 day clock that will require winding every 7 to 8 days.

Additionally, the bracket foot on the case had a very visible repair. Our restoration team crafted a new foot on the right side that blends much more seamlessly with the case. It is also more structurally sound. Please take note of all small blemishes in the photos included. This Scottish Grandfather clock has age and character.

We made a video of this clock’s beautiful chimes. Listen to it here!