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Rare Antique – Unique Empire Sideboard

Item: Antique Maple Sideboard.

Age& Condition : Circa 1825. Beautifully Restored.

Dimensions: 66″ wide x 20″ deep x 48.5″ tall


Rare Antique

Rare antique sideboard from circa 1825. This unique Empire sideboard has maple and cherry wood as the base. Also, it has carved columns and a unique New England style back-splash! Likely, this antique sideboard came from a Vermont furniture workshop in roughly 1825.

Unique Empire Sideboard

This unique Empire sideboard has so many incredible features which make it truly unusual. Firstly, the sideboard is made up of twelve drawers. Indeed, there are no cabinet doors at all! The top row of drawers extend forward slightly.

Secondly, the three drawer sections have columns dividing them. The column has a darker stain color and finish. Also, the columns have a unique style and pattern.

Thirdly, this piece has a dramatic back-splash on top. The back-splash has a swirled carved “ram’s ear” shape and other striped wood decorations. All in all, we have never seen anything like it!

This Empire sideboard represents a playful and experimental time and place in America. The Empire Period typically demonstrates a very classic, dark and stately style. Often, dark mahogany wood was used on Empire dressers and Empire sideboards of this era.

Here, we see a slight departure from this. Rather, the craftsman involved in making this piece sought to create a very different and unusual buffet. Starting with thick and beautiful maple, it seems they wanted to enhance the grain and color of the maple wood simply by contrasting it with a darker stain.

Obviously, this country sideboard could work in an old home that is not afraid of quirks and personality. This unique Empire sideboard brings so much beauty and charm to any dining room or entryway.

Antique Buffet

Our restoration team did some work to ensure this quirky buffet will last another two hundred years! They repaired some splitting on the top of the buffet. Also, they repaired two of the legs to ensure this buffet has great stability. Lastly, they repaired and refinished the buffet to bring back the beauty of the maple wood.