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Antique French Cabinet

Item: Antique Breton Carved Cabinet.

Age & Condition: Circa 1850-1880. Very good condition. Original finish.

Size: 51″ wide x 22″ deep x 92.5″ tall.

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Antique Cabinet

Whimsical and beautiful antique cabinet in oak and chestnut from France. This beautiful French cabinet has incredible renaissance style relief carvings on each door panel, featuring different pub scenes. This high quality and whimsical antique cabinet will surely be a statement piece in your home.

French Cabinet

The French cabinet has carved drinking scenes on every frontal surface. Indeed, each drinking scene has a narrative story: there is a duel and knife fight, a scene of dancing and merriment, a card game, a scene of vivid discussion and even an “end of the night” scene where a man is doubled over a barrel while his wife nags him! These humorous carved scenes tell the ups and downs of a night of excess!

Also carved on the antique cabinet are the two supports. Of course, two three-dimensional figures of musicians work as two columns to support the top crown of the cabinet. Their lifelike stances and highly detailed figures add even more visual interest and artistry to this piece. All in all, the musicians aid the story! Its almost as if they provide the background of the story.

A true delight for the eyes, this piece also has a great sense of humor. A fabulous piece of French furniture for a bar, a family room or office, this mid to late 19th century French Cabinet will bring smiles (and a sense of awe) to everyone’s faces. Indeed, it will likely become an unforgettable part of your home.

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