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French Side Table – Antique

Item: Victorian Antique French Style Inlaid Top with Carved Base.

Age & Condition: Circa 1880. Refinished and Restored.

Size: 25″ diameter x 30.5″ tall.

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French Side Table

French side table with beautiful detail. This Antique side table has a carved leg base. Also, it has a beautiful inlaid wood top. The French side table really is one of great beauty and uniqueness.

The base is carved with flowers and pierce carvings. In addition the four legs of the Antique French table connect together towards the bottom. The connector base is also very decorated. It has an upward facing finial carved in the base. Thus, the French side table looks beautiful from all angels.

Antique French Table

The antique French table has an incredibly special top. It is inlaid with what appears to be satinwood and tulipwood. The inlay shows the 19th century taste for Rococo furniture. Certainly, we can appreciate the amount of work and thought that went in to creating this piece so many years ago. The feminine designs were not painted with a brush. Rather, a craftsman meticulously cut and carved these pieces of wood to insert them into the design!

When this table came to us, someone had painted the base in a gaudy gold paint. Thus, we took the brave chance to try and refinish it. Our restoration work started with stripping the paint and revealing the gorgeous carved base. It was even more impressive without the paint!

Indeed, the top really came back to life with a new finish. The variety of colors of differernt species of wood was really astounding! Finally, a protective lacquer was added to seal the beauty of this late Rococo table. The Antique French table really revived herself. It is sure to find a great home and even more life in the next century.

I could see this French side table beside a sofa. However, it might find a more fitting place in front of a window or in an entryway. Regardless of where it goes, this table will surely catch the eye of all who walk by.