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Antique Stand – Antique Side Table

Item: Antique One Drawer Stand with Tiger Maple and Walnut woods.

Age: Circa 1850.

Details: Tiger Maple Drawer with Wooden Knob.
Tripod Base and case in walnut wood.

Condition: Good Antique condition. Original finish. Light scratches and a bit of roughness to the finish.

Size: 20″ wide x 17″ deep x 28″ tall.

Shipping: Generally, shipping is not included.
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Antique Stand

Sold no longer available. Very unique antique stand with one drawer on tripod legs. As an antique side table, this antique stand has great style and character. An antique stand can transform a room from bland to phenomenal.

Antique Side Table

This mid 19th Century antique side table has an interesting two tone look. This two tone color was achieved with two different species of woods. The craftsman chose to use curly maple (often called tiger maple) for the drawer and for the center base. Then, he chose a darker wood for the base and top. This helps to highlight the beautiful grain pattern of the maple.

The other unique feature of this antique side table is the unusual base. Indeed, the middle support has a turned and elegant design. It almost looks like a chess piece shape! Of course, the middle center support has three legs extending outwards to support the table. This gives it a bit of a different look. Obviously, the craftsman sought to use his imagination and skill to create this piece.

While this table could be considered Victorian style, it has a truly unique look! Clearly, someone made it by hand, and put a ton of thought into it. The tiger maple wood of this piece has a great warm look. Indeed, the unique antique side table piece will invite conversation and smiles.

We have decided to refinish this piece. Once our team has finished restoring the antique stand, we will take new photos of it. It will obviously maintain the same character, but it will be in better condition. A few chips and a broken finish previously detracted from the beauty of this antique side table.

Surely, with a new finish, this quirky little table will find a home for many more years to come. A bit unconventional, this little bohemian antique end table would look great beside a wing chair, Windsor chair or sofa.

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