Persian Rug
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Persian Rug 10 by 13 – Tabriz Persian Carpet

Item: Persian Hand Knotted Tabriz Carpet

Age & Condition: 40-50 years old. Very Good vintage condition. All of our rugs have been professionally cleaned.

Size: 9 ft 10 by 12 ft 8



Persian Rug

Beautiful hand-knotted Persian rug Tabriz carpet. This Persian Rug is roughly 10 ft by 13 ft (9 ft 10 by 12 ft 8) in size. Oriental rugs are hand made and have great durability. Indeed, if you purchase a Tabriz rug, you are purchasing a quality product for life!

This Iranian carpet is probably about 30-40 years old but still has great condition. The pile on this Persian rug has a little less height. In other words, it has a flatter weave than some oriental carpets. However, the knots on this Persian rug are tight and even.

Tabriz Rug

A Tabriz Rug such as this one hails from Northwestern Iran. Tabriz has been known as a great rug-making center for centuries! Indeed, all of Iran has produced incredible rugs, and those rugs have decorated floors in palaces and homes across the globe.

This particular Tabriz rug has incredible vibrancy and movement. The pattern is comprised of a lovely all-over field of stylized flowers and a beautiful border pattern. Interestingly, there is no dominate central medallion in this rug. Instead, the pattern diffuses throughout the field of this tabriz rug. Thus, the focus centers not on the middle, but all over the rug.

The main colors in this Tabriz rug are a cheerful red, colonial blue, indigo and pale yellow. Of course, the vibrant colors make it an excellent choice for any place that requires a bit of cheer. The Persian rug has almost a playful character about it.

For these reasons, this Persian rug would be great in a family or bohemian living room.

All of our carpets are 100 % wool and have been professionally cleaned. Buying a vintage carpet can be a very rewarding process. We aim to make it easy and convenient. We meet with clients on a regular basis. However, we do not keep regular “open” hours. We urge you to make an appointment with us to see our fabulous section of rugs.

We also suggest bringing any other textiles or paint chips with you if possible to help with your decision. Although it is often ideal to start with the choice of a rug, a great room can come together with a little patience after other fabric and color selections!