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Persian Rug 10 by 13 – Tabriz Rug

Item: Persian Tabriz Room Size Carpet.

Age & Condition: 40-50 years old. Very Good Vintage Condition. All of our vintage rugs have been professionally cleaned.

Size: 9 ft 8″ by 12 ft 9″

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Persian Rug

Beautiful room size Persian rug Tabriz Carpet. This Persian rug is hand-knotted and 100% wool. This lovely Tabriz rug has an incredibly detailed pattern. Vintage Persian rugs offer beauty, style and durability. This particular Persian rug will cover roughly 10 feet by 13 feet of your floor (9 ft 8″ by 12 ft 9″) .

Tabriz Rug

A Tabriz Rug such as this one hails from the Northwest region of Iran. A Tabriz rug can differ from other carpet regions, but all Iranian Persian rugs have a reputation for artistry and quality. Indeed, Iran has had thousands of years of history in the rug trade. People all over the world recognize Persian Rugs as some of the best to be found!

Room size Persian rugs can take months and even years to produce. Artisans tie each knot by hand. This strengthens the pile. It also allows great artistry and detail to emerge. Indeed, rug makers can insert narratives, animals or simply stylized flowers into the rug.

This Tabriz Rug has quite a vivid and lively pattern. The field is decorated with lovely swags of flowers and a deep cobalt central medallion. The pattern simply stuns! This oriental carpet has approximately 40-50 years of age but is in very good condition. The main colors are muted olive, cobalt blue with a light red taking the central stage.

Slightly more muted than some of other carpets, this carpet has a great lived in look. Indeed, it will add bohemian style! The allover pattern works great in a living room or den of an historic home. Of course, the busy pattern helps to hide dirt and pet stains.

Oriental rugs last for many years if properly vacuumed. We recommend washing them (professionally) only once or so a year, unless they are in a very high traffic area of the home.

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