Antique Cabinets

Many traditional cabinet styles were made during the 17th, 18th 19th and even presently. Modern manufacturing techniques have sped up the production and even at times the quality is better in later pieces than historical antique cabinets.

Some purists insist on provenance and age while others may just be decorating and want a specific size, style, color or type of wood.

Most fine American cabinets that are now considered antiques with at least over a hundred years of age were made in revival styles. The styles were adaptations of earlier styles just updated and copied. Italian styles were reused again and again since many were beautiful. Craftsmen with the use of more modern machines and tools have been able to produce cabinets in greater quantities.

Types of Antique Cabinets

Cabinets have been used for storage and decor for many types of homes over the centuries. Here is a brief list of our top ten types of antique cabinets that may be available.

Many cabinets were original made by hand by fine craftsmen or simple peasants because of need. Some may be very simple and primitive. Many cabinets have fine details and turned carved corners and are adorned with inlay.

A video of a beautiful antique cabinet that was for sale and then sold at a fine antique store in Pennsylvania (Enjoy the Video)

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