Antique French Cabinet

What’s The Value of an Antique French Renaissance Cabinet? Price? Worth?

What’s The Value of an Antique French Renaissance Cabinet? Price? Any value? Bohemians antiques store sold a large monumental antique French Renaissance cabinet shown in the photo for $2400 in December of 2018.

The rare antique cabinet had been refinished and stood just under ten feet tall. An average market asking price is usually between $3500-$600 for such a carved refinished antique such as this one. The value in as found rough condition may be between $500-$1500 price range.

The specs were as follows:

Item: Antique French Renaissance Hunt Cabinet.

Age & Condition: Circa 1870. Excellent Condition. Refinished and Restored.

Size: 71.5″ wide x 23″ wide x 103.5″ tall.

Antique Cabinet
This monumental, incredibly detailed walnut antique cabinet truly wows! Its grand stature of nearly 9 feet in height (103.5″) and high-relief walnut carvings allow the antique cabinet to leave a lasting impression. Of course, this antique cabinet hails from France, and is a beautiful example of a French Renaissance cabinet.

French Renaissance Cabinet
Carved paneled doors are punctuated by beautiful walnut panels and open galleries, making this huge French Renaissance cabinet truly extravagant. This French Renaissance cabinet would be incredible decorated with platters, china or hunting trophies. Indeed, it features many places to store silver, glassware and linens.

The central panel on this antique cabinet features a very vividly carved dragon creature with an incredible face! On either side, small half lion creatures decorate cabinet doors. The crown and columns of the cabinet have great carved detail as well. Finally, flowers and plant life decorate the base cabinet section.

Fantastic beasts, vividly carved flora and fauna are typical of French Renaissance cabinets of this period. Of course, hunt cabinets were popular and denoted wealth and leisure for the wealthy classes in the 19th Century. These large carved pieces often decorated a dining room or parlor.

The antique hunt cabinet did need a bit of work when it came into our collection. We took it to our restoration team. They were able to preserve the amazing details on the cabinet, while freshening up the finish. Finally, they added several coats of lacquer to ensure a long lasting finish for years to come.

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