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Antique Corner Cabinet, Mahogany Federal Style Corner Cabinet

Item: Antique/Vintage Mahogany Corner Cabinet in Federal Style.

Age & Condition: Circa 1930. Refinished and restored. Good condition.

Dimensions: 45″ wide x 30″ deep (back to corner) x 89″ tall.


Antique Corner Cabinet

Beautiful and grand antique corner cabinet in mahogany wood. This beautiful piece has such a tall impressive look and shows good quality.

Of course, the corner cabinet comes in two pieces, which makes it much easier to transport and deliver. On the top half, it features two glass doors with wood mullion. Also, it has wavy glass, which makes it look much older than it is.

Additionally, the top pediment features three flame style finials. Also, it has an arched design on either side. Inside the cabinet, you will find three stationary shelves that align with the horizontal lines of the mullion. These shelves feature two grooves for displaying fine china and plates.

On the bottom half of the cabinet, there are three drawers (two of which are faux “dummy drawers”) and two doors. Inside, two shelves are concealed. Finally, the corner cabinet features ball and claw feet.

Mahogany Federal Style Corner Cabinet

This nice vintage mahogany Federal style corner cabinet has a beautiful early look. However, it likely was made in the 1930s.

We refinished the cabinet in order bring out the beauty of the mahogany wood. Also, we have a key for the top and bottom of the cabinet (not the same lock).

Overall, it shows very good condition.