Victorian Style Chairs

Vintage Parlor Chairs, Victorian Style Furniture

Vintage parlor chairs are exquisite pieces of furniture that evoke the elegance and charm of the Victorian era. Victorian style furniture is characterized by ornate details, rich materials, and intricate designs. Parlor chairs from this period typically feature:

Ornate Woodwork: Victorian parlor chairs often showcase intricate wood carving, such as floral motifs, scrolls, or geometric patterns. The wood used is usually dark and polished, such as mahogany, walnut, or rosewood.

Upholstery: The upholstery of Victorian parlor chairs is luxurious and often includes rich fabrics like velvet, brocade, or damask. These fabrics may feature elaborate patterns or textures, adding to the opulence of the piece.

Curved Silhouettes: Victorian furniture tends to have curved lines and graceful silhouettes. Parlor chairs may have curved backs, cabriole legs, and scrolled arms, contributing to their elegant appearance.

Tufting and Button Detailing: Many Victorian parlor chairs feature tufted upholstery with button detailing, adding depth and visual interest to the piece.

Intricate Accents: Additional embellishments such as tassels, fringe, or decorative nails are often found on Victorian parlor chairs, enhancing their overall ornate aesthetic.

Comfortable Seating: Despite their ornate appearance, Victorian parlor chairs are designed for comfort, with plush cushions and generous proportions to encourage relaxation and leisurely conversation.

When shopping for vintage parlor chairs in Victorian style, it’s important to consider their condition, authenticity, and provenance. Genuine antique pieces may require restoration or maintenance to preserve their beauty and functionality. Additionally, pairing Victorian parlor chairs with complementary furniture and decor can create a cohesive and sophisticated interior design scheme reminiscent of the Victorian era.

Very nice, high quality reproduction Victorian Style tufted parlor chairs for $299 each. These lovely “his” and “her” parlor chairs are very well made and are constructed of a walnut frame. The fabric is a burgundy velvet appropriate for Victorian chairs. They have rose carvings on the back and nice subtly curved legs.

They are in very good vintage condition and surprisingly comfortable!

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