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Persian Rug – 3 by 15 ft Runner

Item: Persian Hand-knotted Rug.

Age & Condition: 50-60 years old. Very good Antique Condition.

Size: 2 ft 10 by 15 ft long.

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Persian Rug

Very nice long Persian rug hand-knotted runner in traditional colors. This mostly red Persian runner also has a warm taupe, some turquoise and navy. It is very nice as well because of its narrow width. It will therefore fit most standard 3 ft hallways. The geometric pattern has great movement! The stylized pattern makes for a very stylish and bohemian look!

Persian Runner

All of our Persian Runners, including this stunning Persian runner, are wool and are professionally cleaned. The knot count on a handmade runner increases its value, and its durability. Hand knotted oriental rug runners can withstand heavy traffic. We recommend regular vacuuming in order to maintain this carpet. Persian rugs have a great reputation for beauty, artistry and quality. Certainly this rug could decorate an entryway.

We no longer have “open hours” but can make time for our clients on mostly every day of the week. We invite you to preview this beautiful Persian runner at your convenience by making an appointment with us.

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