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Persian Rug 9 by 14 – Kashan

Item: Persian Kashan Red Carpet.

Age: 40-60 years old.

Details: Persian Kashan Carpet with Traditional colors.
Deep red field, blue medallion and hints of periwinkle in the border.
100% wool and hand-knotted.

Condition: Very good condition. This piece has been professionally cleaned.

Size: 9 ft 6″ by 13 ft 11″

Shipping: Generally shipping is not included.
If you have any questions or would like to purchase by phone, please call 717-375-8166.

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Persian Rug

Persian rug that will cover 9 feet by almost 14 feet (9 ft 6″ by 13 ft 11″) of your floors! This beautiful Persian rug is a Kashan Rug and has beautiful pattern and colors. Purchasing a vintage Persian rug can transform your room and add to the quality of your home.

Kashan Rug

A Kashan rug such as this one hails from the Kashan region of Iran. Kashan has both mountains and deserts, but has produced beautiful carpets for hundreds and thousands of years. This beautiful, traditional Kashan rug has very vibrant colors and good pile. The wool knot count is high. Indeed, it makes for a thick and comfortable Persian rug. This Persian Hand-knotted carpet has a field of mostly red with a blue central medallion and a light periwinkle border. The rich pattern decorates the entire carpet!

All of our carpets are 100% wool and have been professionally cleaned. They are ready for your home. Please feel free to make an appointment with us to preview this carpet. We no longer have “open hours” but can make an appointment with you on most days of the week. Please call us or email us with your questions or concerns.

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