Mahal Persian Rug
Mahal Persian Rug mahal2 persian rug
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Persian Rug 10 by 14 – Mahal

Item: Persian Mahal Carpet.

Age: 40-60 years old. Very Good Condition. Cleaned and Ready for your Home.

Size: 9 ft 8″ by 13 ft 11″


Persian Rug

Beautiful deep and vibrant Persian rug. This Mahal Persian Rug has a beautiful central medallion and a great mix of contrasting colors. The Persian rug is 100% wool and hand-knotted.

Persian rugs are produced in Iran and are among the best rugs in the world. Hand-knotted Persian rugs require a sophisticated knowledge of technique, as well as artistry, to produce. Each Persian rug is unique, although some have similar patterns. Room size rugs, such as this one, take several months to years to create. For that reason, Persian rugs have intrinsic and artistic value.

Persian Rugs Style

The main colors in this Persian rug are a deep indigo blue and a salmon/orange border. The central medallion has a nice light blue shade. The rug is very thick in terms of knot count and has a very comfortable pile. It feels great underfoot and would be beautiful in a family room or den.

The rug is in very good condition. Minor pulls of the pile are seen along the edges. All of our carpets have been professionally cleaned. Rug experts recommend cleaning the rug 1-2 times a year, depending on traffic. They also recommend regular vacuuming to keep the pile free of dirt and debris.

Persian rugs add beauty and mystique to your home. They can work with traditional or more Bohemian style homes. Oriental rugs generally appreciate in value. They speak of sophistication and worldliness. People love oriental rugs. They instantly add style to a room, yet take time to truly appreciate.

We always recommend to our clients that they measure their rooms before committing to a carpet. In general there are some rules to keep in mind. Dining room rugs need about two feet of length on all sides around the table to allow chairs room to slide in and out. Living room rugs can either have all sofa legs on the rug, or the front two can be positioned on the rug. Bedroom rugs are determined by the size of your bed. If you have concerns about the size of your room and furniture, please feel free to email us! We are happy to help our clients find the best Persian rug for their floors. It is always a good idea to measure the room, walls and furniture to achieve the best look!