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Victorian Sofa – Victorian Settee

Item: Antique Victorian Settee.

Age & Condition: Circa 1870. Original finish on the frame. Reupholstered.

Size: 48 inches wide x 23 inches deep x 38 inches tall

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Victorian Settee

Victorian sofa with incredible solid mahogany frame. This beautiful antique Victorian sofa has an incredible shape and lovely carved details. The mahogany frame has carvings along the top and base, as well as on the arms of the Victorian settee. Professionals have restored the sofa‘s upholstery and replaced the fabric with a high quality brocade.

Victorian Sofa

Victorian settees and Victorian sofas are highly desirable. While the shape and frames of Victorian sofas are very sought after, people often shy away from purchasing them because of the work and costs involved in reupholstering. Often times, the cost of fabric, new upholstery filling and the labor involved in restoring a settee outweighs the original price of the piece! However, this Victorian sofa has been completely reupholstered, adding to its value and beauty.

Antique Sofa

This incredible brocade fabric complements the deep mahogany frame. It reflects period tastes and is appropriate to the historical era of the Victorian settee. This brocade features a shimmering thread which helps it achieve an iridescence. The elegant rose basket pattern in the upholstery fabric helps the Victorian settee achieve a very elegant, period look.

Antique Settees

While others may chose trendy fabrics for a piece of Victorian furniture, we feel a traditional look is always superior. However, this antique Victorian settee could certainly look gorgeous in a modern home. The shimmering green/blue fabric is a bit of an unexpected twist from a solid velvet. It compliments the rather subdued frame of the Victorian sofa beautifully.

The size of this particular Victorian settee makes it an excellent choice for an entryway, hallway or bedroom. With the extensive upholstery work and restoration, this Victorian sofa will become a handsome statement heirloom to cherish for many years.

*** Because computer screens differ, it is hard to capture the color of the sofa. We urge you to come and see the piece in person. We’d also be happy to send you a fabric sample.