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Antique French Cabinet – Walnut Hutch

Item: Antique French Cabinet.

Age & Condition: Antique circa 1890-1910. Restored and Refinished Condition.

Size: 59″ wide x 21″ deep x 92″ tall.

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Antique French Cabinet

Antique French Cabinet from the early 1900’s. Beautiful early 1900’s antique French Walnut hutch. This authentic French antique piece demonstrates delicate and feminine detail and high quality construction.

This lovely antique cabinet has a beautiful carved floral crown. Art Nouveau and Renaissance Revival trends allowed craftsmen to express themselves with depictions of natural beauty. Indeed, the cabinet doors and corners of the piece have been decorated with similar floral decorations. These hand carvings demonstrate supreme craftsmanship and artistry. Certainly, they have a fineness and delicate touch. The flowers seem to bubble up from the carved surface, and the bows and swags of fabric depicted on the cabinet doors echo the feminine touch. These attributes always draw us to French Antique Furniture.

The full bonnet top has a beautiful beveled glass door in the center. Thus, the antique French cabinet has a lightness to it. Beveled glass throws light around in a room. Surely, this contributes to the romantic atmosphere of a candlelit dining room. Likewise, the attached mirror back area further helps reflect candlelight.

Beneath this beautiful hutch top sits the cabinet base. Here, the base has two drawers and two cabinet doors. Plenty of storage has been worked into the design of this antique French Cabinet. Indeed, the lady of the house had plenty of accouterments and serving pieces to store within. A beautiful cabinet such as this likely would have been a center focal point in a French dining room. Thus, it had to be both practical and pretty.

Walnut Hutch

Our team decided to restore this walnut hutch. Although made of strikingly high quality wood, this piece had several spots of tired and marred finish. Restoration began with a simple light sanding and stripping of the beautiful antique cabinet. Of course, it took some time to work within the delicate carvings. Then, we chose a medium tone walnut brown stain that complimented what we perceived to be the original color. This immediately brought the walnut cabinet back to life! Finally, a few coats of protective lacquer finished our task. Lacquer is a durable finish that withstands common day-to-day abuse. However, we always remind our clients that it is best to avoid placing hot pots or plates directly on the wood surface. Regular dusting and yearly waxing should keep this piece in tip top shape for decades to come.

The walnut hutch comes in two pieces, apart from the front columns. These columns have wooden dowels that help stabilize the pieces together. We have also secured it with a new oak board in the back to prevent any tipping if the piece is moved. Of course, with a piece of this nature, we always recommend taking advantage of our in-home delivery services. Please feel free to call if you would like a quote for this service.

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