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Antique Settee, Victorian Furniture Sofa

Item: Antique Victorian Sofa Settee, restored upholstery.

Age & Condition: Circa 1880 antique furniture. Upholstery likely was done in 1980-1990.

Dimensions: 63″ wide x 24″ deep x 35.5″ tall.
Seat is 15″ tall.


Antique Settee

Beautifully restored antique settee with incredible frame. This lovely restored Victorian sofa has such a beautiful look.

Of course, the antique settee features a carved walnut frame. The frame features carved grapes and floral motifs on the top, legs and apron.

Additionally, the settee has a lovely upholstery fabric. The fabric features a mix of cream and red in a striped damask.

Finally, the antique sofa features three nice tailored pillows.

Overall, the antique settee is in great condition.

Victorian Furniture Sofa

Beautiful Victorian Furniture sofa that has been restored at a later date.