tabriz rug
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Persian Rug 10 by 13 – Tabriz Handmade Rug

Item: Persian Tabriz Carpet.

Age: 40-50 years old.

Details: Beautiful hand-knotted Persian Carpet, made in the city of Tabriz.
Yellow field with strong teal/turquoise border.
Allover pattern with birds and stags throughout.

Condition: Very good vintage condition. A few spots of low pile near the center of the carpet. Please see photos. All of our carpets have been professionally cleaned and are ready for your home.

Size: 10 ft by 12 ft 9″

Shipping: We generally deliver within a 250 mile radius of our store in Waynesboro Pennsylvania for a fee based on mileage. Outside of our area, we’d be happy to work with the shipper of your choice. After purchase, a member of our staff will contact you to confirm delivery/pick up details. Pick up at our store location is free.

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Persian Rug

Tabriz Persian rug with incredible colors, great overall design and tons of character. This Persian Tabriz rug has a light yellow field and a bright teal outer border, and tangerine orange inner border. It will cover a floor and is about ten feet by thirteen feet in size.

Tabriz Rug

This Persian rug is also a Tabriz rug. A Tabriz rug such as this one hails from the North Western region of Iran, in the city of Tabriz. A Tabriz rug typically has high knot count and very geometric designs. While this carpet has both floral and geometric patterns, the quality and beauty makes it an excellent example of a Tabriz rug.

The allover pattern in the field of this Persian rug has been accentuated by incredible animal designs. We see A few stags along the corners. Additionally, exotic birds are perched throughout the floral field. Very whimsical animal designs as seen on this Persian carpet make the rug come to life!

However, the vibrant colors of this Persian carpet catch your eye from the start! The pale yellow field might be a rare one to find. We typically see blue and red as the dominant colors of Persian rugs.

Vintage Rug

This vintage rug has probably 40-60 years of age. We love vintage rugs because of the character they give a room. However, there are some things to take note of when purchasing a vintage Persian rug.

For instance, this rug has a lower pile than most modern machine made rugs. Although it is in very good condition, there are some areas with low pile. This means that the rug does not have a thick plush feel. It has more of a flat weave texture. We tell our customers this so that they do not have false expectations. Please see photos.

Despite this fact, this Tabriz rug is simply beautiful! The color, pattern and character more than make up for the areas of low pile.

All of our carpets have been professionally cleaned and are ready for your home. Please contact us if you would like to inspect this or any other oriental rug in person. We only open by appointment.