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Persian Rug 3 by 13 – Runner

Item: Vintage Persian Hand knotted Runner.

Age: Between 40-60 years old. Excellent Vintage Condition with some color variation in the rug. (Abrash).

Size: 3 ft by 13 ft.

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Persian Rug Runner

Beautiful and unusual geometric Persian rug runner. The main colors of this Persian Rug runner are a deep blue, pink, red, grey and cream. It has a beautiful pattern and outstanding colors! Of course, all Persian rug runners speak to us, but this one has an incredible look!

Persian Rug Runners

Persian Rug Runners are like a fine piece of art. The artisans who create them must spend many hours dying the wool, perfecting the pattern, and hand-tying each knot of the pile. This ancient art form has produced an ever-changing and lively Persian rug runner trade. People collect Persian rug runners for their hallways, kitchens, stairways, foyers and even bathrooms. They bring a level of sophistication and warmth to the home.

This Persian rug runner has a little bit of abrash (color variation within the runner) and lots of character. If you look closely roughly near the half-way point of the runner, you will see this lighter gray color variation in the background. Although it is perceptible, the runner does not lack beauty! In fact, many people argue that a color variation in the wool makes a Persian rug look more authentic. Some people even speak of a patina of rugs!

It was hand made in Iran (Persia).

Like a fine piece of art, the intricacies of a hand knotted rug reveals itself to one the more you live with it. This one is certainly full of life and spirit.

If you would like to preview this vintage rug runner, simply give us a call. We are more than happy to help you pick out a rug. In fact, decorating with vintage Persian rugs has always been a passion for us. We simply can’t believe how great they can make a room look! You will most likely hide all machine-made rugs in shame once you see and experience the difference of Persian rug runners.