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Persian Rug 8 by 12 – Tabriz Handmade Rug

Item: Tabriz Persian Room Size Carpet.

Age: 40-60 years old.

Details: Hand Knotted Persian Tabriz Carpet.
Traditional red and deep blue rug, with hints of tangerine and turquoise.
Geometric Pattern.

Condition: Very good condition. This piece has been professionally cleaned and is ready for your home.

Size: 8 ft 4″ by 11 ft 2″

Shipping: Generally, shipping is not included.
If you have any questions or would like to purchase by phone, please call 717-375-8166.

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Persian Rug

Very unique Persian rug (Tabriz rug) in a very refreshing color palette. The main field is dominated by red and navy blue, but there is also a nice set of complimentary teal and orange in much of the carpet. It provides a nice pop of color and helps the Persian rug feeling fresh.

Tabriz Rug

A Tabriz rug such as this one hails from the North West region of Iran. Indeed, Tabriz rugs have had a great reputation for unique designs and phenomenal quality. Hand knotted carpets, like this Tabriz rug, take months and sometimes years to produce. Often, the designs in a Tabriz rug lean towards geometric, rather than floral designs.

Here, we see a lively and intricate pattern in this Tabriz rug. The field of the rug is dominated by stylized flowers and curvy forms. This backdrop provides a very busy pattern. Indeed, the central medallion emerges as the main focal point. I could envision this room size Oriental rug in an office, studio or dining room. It has such lively color and pattern, it certainly stimulates the mind and eye!

All of our Persian carpets are 100% wool and have been professionally cleaned. Oriental rugs have become a passion for us ever since we purchased our first oriental carpet. There simply is nothing more beautiful for any home. If you would like to transform a boring room, a Persian rug is, dollar for dollar, the best investment one can make! They add color, texture, pattern and beauty.

We urge our clients to visit us by making an appointment. Of course, sometimes, you know it when you see it! If this rug speaks to you, feel free to purchase online. We can arrange pick up or delivery with you. We would be happy to help you make a rug choice for your home!

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