Persian Rug
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Persian Rug 9 by 12 – Mashad

Item: Persian Mashad Carpet.

Age & Condition: 40-50 years old. Excellent Vintage Condition. All of our Vintage Rugs have been professionally cleaned.

Size: 9 ft 5″ by 12 ft 6″


Persian Rug

Very Pretty Room Persian Rug Carpet hand-knotted and made in Mashad Iran. This lovely oriental carpet has a mostly light red field, with deep blue and springy green accent colors. There is also a touch of salmon pink in the corners of this Persian rug. This Mashad rug is an excellent option for your home!

Mashad Rug

A Mashad Rug, such as this one, hails from Mashad, Iran. It is the second most populated city in Iran today. Also, it has been a rug-making center for centuries. This Mashad rug has great color and style. Often, a Mashad rug has a strong central medallion. This Persian rug is no exception.

Persian rugs are popular for multiple reasons. They have been the go-to style choice for fine homes in America and Europe for years. Firstly, the colors in a Persian rug make people happy. Of course, they also bring texture and interest to a room.

The central medallion of this Mashad rug is mostly in a subdued violet color that matches the outer border. Of course, the busy and ornate pattern brings a lot of life into any room. We could see this vintage rug being a focal point in a family room, living room, bedroom or dining room.

It has a nice thick pile and great condition overall. Considering it age, it looks very new and lively! It also has a great size. It is roughly 10 by 12, but the exact measurements are 9 ft 5 by 12 ft 6. This gives it a lot of options for decorating a medium to large sized room. Of course, we recommend that part of your wood floors still border the rug by at least a foot.

This carpet is 100 % wool and has been cleaned. It is ready for your home. A simple rug pad can help stabilize the carpet if it is being placed on a slippery surface like tile or hard woods.