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Vintage Vase, Rose Famille Style

Item: Large Vintage Porcelain Vase with Rose Famille Design.

Age & Condition: Vintage, likely 30-60 years old. Very good vintage condition.

Dimensions: 10″ diameter x 15″ diameter at the widest x 25.5″ tall.


Vintage Vase

Vintage Vase with incredible vibrant colors. This nice ceramic vase has a nice height and shows great detail.

Rose Famille Style

The Rose Famille Style includes several motifs and decorative elements. Of course, this makes the style instantly recognizable.

Vintage Rose Famille Style Vase with beautiful colors. This lovely large vase makes a beautiful decorative statement in a home.

Of course, the vase features a nice palette of pink, green, orange, white and gold. Also, it features lovely scenes of oriental figures. Additionally, it has beautiful floral elements and birds.

Overall, the vase is in very good condition. No defects to the paint were noticed.