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Vintage Urns, Rose Famille on Bases, A Pair

Item: Vintage Rose Famille Urns with Bases, A Pair.

Age & Condition: Circa 1990. Good Vintage condition with some signs of wear to the wooden bases.

Dimensions: 19″ diameter x 18″ tall. With the bases, the urns are 30″ tall.


Vintage Urns

Vintage Urns that are great for large plants or as decorative elements in a room. These vintage urns have a striking color palette and Chinoiserie design.

Rose Famille Urns on Bases, A Pair

Vintage Rose Famille Urns on Bases, a Pair. These beautiful large planter urns have an incredible look!

Of course, each urn features the famous Rose Famille design. This colorful pattern features a bed of multiple flowers interspersed with different scenes. Of course, on two sides, you will see Oriental style figures. On the other two sides, you will find bird and flower designs. Finally, on the inside, you will see fish decorating the large urns.

These large urns have unique wooden bases.

The urns are in very good shape, with a little discoloration inside. However, the bases do show a bit of wear. Please see photos.