Antique Sideboards

Antique Sideboards

Antique Sideboards are both versatile and often beautiful showpieces for the home. An antique sideboard is a beautiful piece of furniture originally used for serving food and laying out the dishes of the dinner menu. Also it is quiet beneficial for use as a storage piece.

Antique sideboard is also called an antique buffet sideboard. The uniqueness of sideboards is that they are not confined to some specific use in today’s homes. If it finds a spot in the dining room, it can serve as a buffet sideboard. If it makes its way to the living room, then it likely holds your TV or any other decorative items. And if it is in the bedroom, many chose to place a mirror on top and bingo! What a beautiful dressing table you may have. These sideboards are part of many people’s furniture collection over the decades. Often, grandparents and parents pass down these special pieces for future generations.

Going into their history, sideboards have been around for hundreds of years. However, they became really popular in the 19th century. These days they are still quite decorative items for upscale homes especially as a focal point in a formal dining room.

Antique Sideboard Vs Antique Buffet Sideboard

There is no purposeful difference between the two names, and either term can be used. But being strict about finding the difference, one might say that antique sideboards have short legs, while antique buffet sideboard have longer legs. Secondly sideboards often have cabinets down to the floor and thus don’t have any legs at all and, antique buffet sideboards are sometimes paired with hutches. Of course, hutches are in fact the addition to the sideboards which are useful storage place and you can display your beautiful China or glassware items in it.

Use of Antique Buffet Sideboards

Antique buffet sideboards were one of the most crucial items for a dining room. It was not only the visual focal point but also it had a very sensible purpose. In large dining rooms when a formal meal course involved different dishes, of course it included a number of plates and silverware which had to be changed with every changing course. These sideboards housed the fine silver, linens and basic tableware of each meal. Additionally, cook staff used the antique buffet sideboard for a place to set food and dishes, away from the dining table, too.

Sideboards in Modern Times

Sideboards now find many different uses in modern times.

While most of us have relaxed our mealtime rituals (except for a few holidays), we have also found multiple purposes for beautiful antique sideboards in our homes.

With the changing times, these sideboards are not merely used for the above mentioned purpose in a dining room. Instead, their deep storage and elegant looks make them excellent candidates for other rooms in the home.

For instance, many people have decided to use antique sideboards in a living room as an alternative to a TV cabinet. A sideboard proves to be a good idea for placing TV and media items. The cabinets can conceal various cords and electronic items inside their deep storage cabinets.

A home office with a beautiful sideboard can conceal the typical paperwork mess. Of course, with a sideboard cabinet, you can set up the office in your living room. The cabinets and multiple drawers can be used to store the papers, printers and files. Also, the sideboard gives you a beautiful view when you must work.

Antique Sideboard in a Foyer

Placing an Antique Sideboard in a foyer gives an incredible focal point to your home. The antique sideboard in the lobby provides your house a unique and decorative look with antique style.

You would only be limited by your own imagination in decorating an antique sideboard in a foyer. You can decorate it seasonally or occasionally. Place plants, vases or candlesticks on top of the sideboard for a casual look. Or, you could grab attention with fine art or antique clocks above the sideboard. Ultimately, an antique sideboard can really upgrade your foyer. Of course, with such a statement piece, you may need to upgrade the furniture in the rest of your home, too!

However, an antique sideboard in a foyer can provide needed storage there, too. Fill the drawers with all sort of items that need to be stored and saved with easy access before going out for the day. Gloves, mittens and scarves tuck neatly away inside. If you own a tall sideboard, it will allow you to place baskets and shoes in a tidy fashion under the tall legs.

Antique Sideboards as Coffee Bars

Antique Sideboards make beautiful coffee or beverage bars. Often, large offices purchase traditional sideboards for their coffee or tea station. Essentially, they store the coffee machine on it or display your beautiful tea collection on top. Their narrow depth and length make a great place for the workplace gossip, too!

Antique Sideboards for Today

Buffet Sideboards find many uses and in many rooms nowadays. Of course, their original usage in a dining room still applies. However, their beauty and storage space makes them excellent pieces for many rooms in the home!

Antique Sideboards offer a lot when it comes to decorating. Place a mirror on it and it will give extra brightness and light into the room. If it is placed in a big elegant wide room, it really can enhance the ambiance. Of course, with inlaid or fancy antique sideboards, the room will gain a sophisticated and dramatic look. Place some other antiques in the room like chandeliers and mirrors, and you will find your home has a much more elegant look!

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