Antique Buffet

Antique Buffet, New England Antique Sideboard

Sorry sold no longer available. This is a beautiful antique buffet in solid mahogany.Listed The buffet is antique early New England style sideboard from circa 1820. The antique buffet features exuberantly carved columns, quirky diagonally carved sections, and a lovely rams ear and scalloped style back-splash. This unusual antique sideboard also has decorative keyholes and wooden knobs and evokes a very playful design; it most likely was made by a daring cabinetmaker in Vermont. Often times, the furniture of Vermont and rural Massachusetts of this period had a very peculiar style. Cabinetmakers of Vermont had to compete with the glamour and sophistication of the more classical woodworkers in Boston and Philadelphia.

New England Antiques

What went into creating future New England Antiques? They often took their designs a little further out field. Scrolls, lavish carvings and different wood veneers usually play in early 19th century pieces of this region. The whimsical design of this piece takes several ques from classical Empire style but has an attitude and style all its own. A lighter finish which highlights the depth of the wood, the cross hatched and diagonal carved panels, and the playful scrolls all speak to an artisan begging to be noticed for his truly one of a kind craft.

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