. Vintage Wrought Iron Patio Chairs, Cantilever Spring Base Chairs

Vintage Wrought Iron Patio Chairs, Cantilever Spring Base Chairs

These vintage patio chairs sold at Bohemians in May of 2923 for about $175 each.
Nice vintage wrought iron patio chairs with cantilever spring bases. These nice comfortable vintage chairs have a great look and show great quality.

Vintage Wrought Iron Patio Chairs

Of course, these vintage wrought iron patio chairs have been around form 50+ years. So, you know that they are long lasting and hard-wearing even out in the elements.

That said, you may wish to re-coat the chairs with some white spray paint or Rustoleum brand paint. Certainly, this will fix any minor imperfections to the coated finish.

Vintage wrought iron patio chairs, especially those with cantilever spring bases, can be stylish and durable outdoor furniture pieces. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating their worth:

  1. Material: Wrought iron is valued for its strength and durability, making it a popular choice for outdoor furniture. Assess the quality of the wrought iron used in the chairs, as well as any signs of rust or corrosion.
  2. Design: Cantilever spring base chairs feature a unique design with a spring mechanism that allows for gentle rocking motion. Evaluate the design of the chairs, including the shape of the frame, the style of the backrest and armrests, and any decorative elements.
  3. Condition: Inspect the chairs for any signs of wear, damage, or repairs. Vintage pieces in excellent condition, with minimal rust and well-maintained finishes, tend to be more valuable.
  4. Comfort: Consider the comfort level of the chairs, including the size and shape of the seat and backrest, as well as the resilience of the spring mechanism. Comfortable chairs are more likely to be sought after by buyers.
  5. Completeness: Ensure that all parts of the chairs are present and in good condition, including the seat cushions, if applicable. Matching sets are often more desirable to buyers and collectors.
  6. Age: Older vintage pieces, especially those from specific collections or periods, may be considered more collectible. Look for signs of age, such as patina or wear consistent with the chairs’ age.
  7. Provenance: Any documented history or provenance associated with the chairs, such as being part of a notable collection or owned by a prominent figure, can increase their value.
  8. Market Demand: The current demand for vintage wrought iron patio furniture, particularly chairs with cantilever spring bases, can influence their market value. Research recent sales of similar items to gauge market trends and pricing.
  9. Local Market: Consider local market factors such as regional preferences and availability. Consulting with local antique dealers or furniture experts may provide insights specific to your area.

To determine the value of your vintage wrought iron patio chairs with cantilever spring bases, consider consulting with antique furniture experts, appraisers, or dealers specializing in outdoor furniture. They can provide insights based on the specific details, condition, and market demand for your chairs. Additionally, researching recent sales of similar items through auction houses or online marketplaces can help determine their market value.

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