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Antique Oak Secretary Desk – Antique Desks For Sale

Item: Antique Blind Door Secretary Desk.

Age & Condition: Circa 1750. Signs of Age like separations in the back, doors. Replaced Hardware.

Size: 43″ wide x 23″ deep x 86″ tall. 2 pieces

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Antique Oak Secretary Desk

This antique oak secretary desk is very early. We believe that it dates to around 1750 in age, from the American Colonial Period. However, the desk is likely English. Of course, this beautiful and rare antique oak secretary desk possesses many Chippendale furniture era elements. It features canted sides with fine patterned overlay, carved blind doors and scalloped shelves.

Antique Oak Secretary

The interior of the desk is fitted with several small dovetailed drawers and pigeonholes. Craftsmen have tooled the interior of this antique oak secretary desk to showcase beauty and utility. A wealthy patron most certainly commissioned this antique oak secretary desk. Indeed, very few people were literate during this time period. A secretary desk of this size and beauty might have belonged to a wealthy businessman or accountant.

Moreover, a green felt covers the writing surface. While probably close to what was originally present, this is an updated/restored feature. In addition, the sliding supports that extend to carry the slant front also function as narrow drawers for pens or pencils. We have never seen that unique additional luxury feature before! Finally, elegantly curved bracket feet terminate this piece.

This oak secretary desk is a testament to 18th century craftsmanship. We believe the piece to be in original finish, with perhaps some protective waxes and varnishes added over the years. The patina is quite beautiful and warm. However, there are some areas of separation in the piece due to age. There is some splitting on the desk surface, on the doors and in the back panels.

In total, we feel this is a beautiful, historical and artful Chippendale period desk. Indeed, it is still quite functional as a desk. The oak secretary desk’s grandeur and beautiful patina make it very special to own. Given these points, the antique secretary desk has great historical value as a relic of the past. We are very proud to present this piece in our online gallery.

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