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Cherry Desk – Vintage Style Furniture

Item: Vintage Cherry Demilune Desk.

Age & Condition: Circa 1960. Refinished and Restored.

Size: 44″ wide x 24″ deep x 30.25″ tall (33″ with brass gallery)

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Cherry Desk

Cherry desk in a beautiful demilune or half round shape. This vintage cherry desk is unmarked, but has great high quality features. Great stylish piece of vintage furniture!

Demilune Desk

The shape and style of this vintage desk makes it suitable to leave in the center of the room. It has a half round or demilune shape. So, the back curves around. The front with the five drawers has a flat profile. A brass gallery wraps around the top. Indeed, this brass gallery adds quite a bit of elegance to this desk. Also, the desk has very pretty round Neoclassical handles. The four legs of the desk are tapered or Sheraton style.

Our restoration team did a very nice job restoring this demilune desk. First, they striped and sanded the desk. This helped to achieve a super smooth texture on the top of the desk. Any blemishes or stains faded away. Next, a light mahogany stain was applied. We felt that this color was appropriate for the style and scale of the desk. Indeed, this desk has a light tint of red with a very warm brown color. (The interior drawers have some phone numbers written in pen. These were left as a sign of character.)

Finally, after a few coats of color, we finished the piece with a spray lacquer. A lacquer finish protects furniture in ways that polyurethane simply cannot. It doesn’t yellow with age. It also resists water better than many finishes. (Although, we always warn that water and heat should not be placed directly on the surface.) Also, some of our customers rave that the lacquer furniture does not show dust as badly as some other pieces in their home!

A simple furniture wax once or twice a year should keep this beautiful little cherry desk looking great for many years to come. We envision this piece of vintage furniture in a bay window, in a small office or reading nook! Of course, it can also decorate a bedroom or library. However you use it, this small desk will help pull together a bohemian home.