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Empire Dresser – Mahogany & Tiger Maple Dresser

Item: Antique Tiger Maple and Mahogany Empire Dresser.

Age & Condition: Circa 1820-1840. Original Finish. Some blemishes on the top.

Size: 43.5″ wide x 24″ deep x 46″ tall.


Empire Dresser

Gorgeous, high-style empire dresser from circa 1820. This nearly two hundred year old dresser has incredible detail. It is an amazing mahogany and tiger maple dresser.

This is a period Empire dresser. Many features are common among most empire dressers of the early 19th century. Here, we see the typical impressive height and depth common on this type of chest. Often, Empire chests have these similar proportions and heavy look. Additionally, we see the “s-curve” columns. Lastly, the feet have a pronounced “s-curve” on this mahogany and tiger maple dresser.

Mahogany and Tiger Maple Dresser

This beautiful piece is created with a beautiful combination of expensive and rare woods. The mahogany and tiger maple dresser has mahogany drawer fronts. In contrast, the frame and sides of the piece feature beautiful fiery tiger maple. This luxurious combination of fine wood makes this mahogany and tiger maple dresser simply outstanding! The visual contrast on this Empire dresser really pops. Indeed, it would be a shame to hide the beautiful profile of this dresser.

Tiger maple has eluded scientists and naturalists for centuries. The wavy or curly pattern seen in this tiger maple dresser does not appear in all maple trees. Obviously, it can be rare to find! People often make fine violins and other string instruments out of this beautiful wood. Furniture made of tiger maple is all the more impressive! In fact, tiger maple (often called curly maple) furniture often starts a journey to collect this rare wood. Many of our tiger maple customers hunt it down and fill their homes with it!

The flame mahogany on this antique furniture piece has equal beauty. The drawer fronts have a luster to them. Also, the drawer fronts have a book veneer pattern. In other words, the crotch mahogany grain has been matched and mirrored on each drawer front. Undoubtedly, a very talented craftsman made this antique dresser.

Finally, simple wooden knobs complete this antique Empire dresser. It has its original finish. Of course, there are a few flaws and chips, as to be expected with age. Please see all photos.