King Size Bed, Antique Victorian Style, Reproduction Furniture

Sorry this item has been sold. This bed is a beautiful reinterpretation of Victorian style in modern King Size proportions. The massive bed has many very convincing Victorian features: the Rococo Revival style crest, ornate carvings, sweeping mahogany veneers and of course, the Gothic style arched headboard! It is a well made bed that evokes the romance of the 19th Century, while giving the comfort of the 21st Century in its grandeur and King size. Gothic style carvings and flame mahogany decorate both the headboard and footboard. Several slats that run both vertically and horizontally will support either a split boxspring or a normal king size boxspring. Please check the dimensions of all hallways and doorways before purchasing. This massive bed has great proportions and is very heavy. The headboard is in one piece.

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