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Vintage Canopy Beds, Twin Size, Biggs Furniture

Item: Vintage Twin Size Canopy Beds, Offered as a Pair. By Biggs Furniture.

Age & Condition: Circa 1950. Refinished. Very Good vintage condition.

Dimensions: 42″ wide x 80″ long x 81.5″ tall.


Vintage Canopy Beds

What are a pair of vintage mahogany Biggs furniture reproduction Monticello beds worth? Bohemians fine vintage furniture store in Waynesboro Pennsylvania sold this beautiful refinished et of Biggs beds for about $1900 in January of 2023.

Beautiful and high quality vintage canopy beds in twin size, offered as a pair. These beautiful twin beds have a wooden half-tester canopy and lovely design.

Of course, the twin beds have a beautiful traditional design. They have a fairly simple headboard and footboard. However, the tall posts support the wooden canopy. They are held in place with dowels attached to the posts.

You could leave the canopies as is. Or, you could have fabric canopies installed in the top section.

Twin Size Beds

Certainly, twin size beds are beautiful in a guest room or a child or grandchild’s bedroom. This matching pair of twin beds are quite sturdy. Likely, this is because they bolt together and have sturdy metal supports for the boxspring and mattress.

Also, we refinished the beds so that they would be in excellent condition. Biggs Furniture is a high end furniture brand. Later, Kittinger Furniture acquired the company.