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Antique Beds – Twin Size Beds

Item: Twin Size Antique Mahogany Twin Beds (Price is for the pair)

Age & Condition: Circa 1900. Refinished and Restored.

Dimensions: Inner dimensions: 32″ wide x 76″ long. Height of Posts 54″ tall.

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Antique Beds

Beautiful mahogany antique beds. These beautifully carved antique beds have incredible posters and very pretty headboards. Of course, they are twin size beds, but they accommodate a slightly narrower mattress.

Twin Size Beds

These twin size beds have very pretty details. Obviously, the carved posters on these twin beds are incredibly detailed. Additionally, the headboards have carved flowers and detail along the edges. The side rails are nice and thick mahogany wood.

These beds have a slightly narrower dimension than modern twin size beds. These antique bed frames have only 32″ of width between the side rails. The outer width measurement is 35″. Thus, these beds can fit a modern twin box-spring and twin mattress only if we attach side brackets on top of the rails. Otherwise, a smaller bunk bed mattress can be used instead.

Despite these small roadblocks, these antique beds bring so much style, beauty and charm to any home. The tall posters and carved headboards are too sweet to miss!

Our restoration team refinished these lovely twin beds. As you can see from the photos, the beds have a great almost “like new” condition. Thus, these precious turn of the century beds should last for decades more!