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Antique Bed, Solid Oak, High Back Bed

Item: Antique Oak Highback Bed.

Age & Condition: Circa 1900. Refinished and Restored Condition.

Size: Headboard is 75″ tall. The bed interior frame is 54″ wide x 74″ long and will support a standard full (double) size boxspring and mattress.



Antique Oak Bed

An antique oak bed with beautiful applied carvings. This antique oak bed is often called a “high back bed” because of its tall headboard. It was produced in circa 1890.

Victorian Bed

This Victorian bed has many beautiful features that make it stand out. Firstly, as a solid oak bed, it has great sturdiness and excellent quality. Most modern beds today are not even made of real wood! Thus, an antique oak bed should entice clientele who want higher quality furniture.

Secondly, this antique Victorian bed has beautiful hand carved details. The headboard has a very tall and grandiose stature. It stands to 75″ tall. Even large pillows will not hide this beautiful antique bed. The unusual and applied carving along the headboard and foot-board add quite a bit of decoration to the bed. Indeed, a Victorian bed such as this one often have intricate carvings.

Of course, this antique oak bed is attractive because it is old, yet restored. Our restoration team was able to bring out the beauty and warmth of the oak grain. They applied a new finish and lacquer coating to protect the piece for many years to come. Indeed, antique oak furniture often can look tired or dingy after many years of use. However, with a little effort, one can see the beauty of the oak come alive once again!

The Victorian bed will fit a standard full size boxspring and mattress. In other words, it will accommodate a modern bed size. This is another very attractive feature of this antique oak bed. Indeed, many antique beds have smaller dimensions. This makes it very hard for people to use them today. However, we make sure that antique furniture is useful as well as beautiful. Thus, this antique full size bed could find its place in a guest bedroom or master bedroom in any traditional or historic home. It includes the oak bed slats as well. A functional antique bed.