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Bohemian Crystal Glasses – Rock Glasses

Item: Bohemian Cut to Clear Crystal Tumblers.

Age & Condition: Very good Condition. Vintage.

Size: 3.5″ wide diameter x 4″ tall.

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Bohemian Crystal Glasses

Bohemian Crystal glasses add elegance and fun to a table or bar. Extremely rare to find, rock glasses such as these have great color and style. When we find Bohemian crystal glasses, we often ask ourselves, “how did they make these exquisite rock glasses?” We love Bohemian crystal glasses for their multi-colored glass and hand cut designs.

Rock Glasses

Beautiful multi-color Bohemian crystal rock glasses or tumblers for sale. These nice, heavy leaded cut glass crystal glasses have been hand cut in the Czech Republic or Hungary. We have one hand cut crystal rock glass in red, one in purple, one in green and one in blue. However, all of the Bohemian crystal glasses have the same cut design, which is a pattern of flowers or stars.

The glasses are in very good condition. They are priced at $49 each or $196 for the set of four. We can ship these to you. Simply purchase these online and we will call you with a quote for shipping and handling. Alternatively, you can certainly pick these beautiful glasses up at our store! Either way, they would make a wonderful gift! Of course, you could always keep them for yourself and offer them to your guests with a delicious beverage!

Certainly, they add bohemian style to any antique sideboard or vintage china cabinet.