Layaway at Bohemians


Layaway is available. Bohemians’ terms of layaway are very simple and allow our customers to budget their purchases, while not missing out on incredible one of a kind pieces. Layaway is considered a final sale and is not simply a “hold” on an item. It is not transferable to another item if you happen to change your mind.

If you wish to do layaway on a certain item or on multiple items, we require a minimum 50% deposit. This 50% deposit shows earnest intent and is non-refundable.

The balance is due within 30 days or One Month of initial deposit. There is no interest or fee of any sort if all balances are paid within thirty days.

Late fees do apply to late payments after 30 days. Typical late fees are 10 % of the total purchase amount, accruing every 7 days.

In other words, if you are late on your layaway by one week and the total purchase amount was $1000, your fee will be $100 added to the balance due.

If after 4 weeks, the final balance is not settled, and we receive no notice from you, the item(s) will be put back on the sales floor and back on the website shopping cart. Unfortunately, you will not receive any funds or store credits on any deposits or payments made.

To initiate a layaway program with Bohemians, please call or contact us via email. We wish to make layaway an easy and straight forward process for our customers. We appreciate your understanding.