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What Happened to Harden Furniture? The Sad Truth about one of America’s Best Furniture Companies!

About Harden Furniture

Harden Furniture used to be a premier brand for luxury furniture stores.

Harden bedroom furniture, living room and dining room furniture decorated the most high end furniture stores around the country.

Indeed, most high end retailers looked at Harden as one of the best quality recommendations they could make to their clientele.

Their traditional styles and fine solid wood furniture spoke of timelessness and true quality.

Today, sadly, Pre-Owned Harden Furniture can only be found in select places.

Who Sells Harden Furniture?

Essentially, you can only purchase Harden Furniture at

  • Vintage Stores
  • Antique Stores
  • Thrift and Charity Shops
  • Fine Consignment Shops
  • Online Antique Stores
  • Craigslist Furniture Section
  • Ebay Stores
  • Chairish and Other Online Platforms

Furniture Manufacturing has finally halted at the Mcconnellsville, New York Factories as of 2018.

Harden Furniture Liquidation sales of all wooden parts and machinery took place during the last quarter of 2018. Customers, woodworkers, office workers and retailers said goodbye for the last time to Harden Furniture.

Harden Furniture History

Harden Furniture stayed a family company until its last few years and witnessed five generations of owners with the Harden name. harden furniture history

The Harden family settled in Northern New York State (North of Syracuse, near the Canadian border) in the 1840’s. At that time, Charles S. Harden Sr., had returned home to the New York area after his adventurous spirit took him out west to search for gold.

While no gold nuggets turned up in the Colorado mines, Charles established a successful saw mill on the winding Fish Creek in New York.

His son, Frank, took a great interest in the saw mill and wood arts. It was at this time that the father and son duo saw opportunity utilizing their lumber and sawmill to build bridges. They formed a successful bridge construction company during the summer months. During harsh New York winters, they started making kitchen chairs.

These chairs gained popularity and jump started a new venture! Next, Harden started producing parlor chairs, rockers and upholstered pieces in the late 1800’s.

Harden Cherry Furniture

In the 1930’s, Frank’s son, Harry, made a huge transformation to Harden’s product line. Previously, Harden craftsmen used mahogany, maple and birch wood. Harry Harden decided to make native black cherry the focus in the company’s fine furniture goods.

From this point forward, cherry wood harvested from local New York forests became the main component of Harden Furniture.

In fact, Harden purchased thousands of acres of forest and implemented a sustainable forestry program.

harden cherry furnitureMost recent owner, Greg Harden, spoke of Harden’s commitment to harvest select trees to allow for new growth and regeneration of their forests.

In fact, one of Harden’s slogans was “Harden Furniture: From the Forest to your Home.” Their focus on environmental sustainability earned them national recognition as well.

This commitment to the production of solid cherry furniture led the company to huge success in the 1970’s through the 1990’s. Known for its durability and beauty, cherry furniture by Harden developed into a status symbol for fine homes. At its peak, the company employed 500 people and produced and distributed thousands of pieces of furniture across the United States each year.

Harden Furniture in the Modern Era

harden cherry sideboardLike many American companies, including Pennsylvania House, Harden faced challenges in the post 1990 era.

As trade opened up with Asia and Mexico, American production moved overseas where cheaper labor markets emerged.

By the 1990’s and 2000’s, Harden Furniture Company struggled to compete on price.

Greg Harden sited a “20 percent disadvantage” of labor costs in their production lines compared to overseas manufacturers in an early 2000 interview.

Cheap imported furniture distributed by large retailers started to win dominance in the US market. In fact, most domestic fine furniture makers could see no way to compete with big box stores.

And as manufacturing jobs left our shores, the middle class who once was able to purchase and enjoy solid wood furniture, found no way to afford such a luxury.

Essentially, as manufacturing jobs left, so too did a strong middle class.

Fine Furniture occupied an even smaller portion of the market during the 2008 crash and subsequent recession.

Of course as many people faced foreclosure, opulent dining room sets with a price tag of $20,000 or more seemed out of touch with the new economic realities hoisted on the American people.

Facing these challenges to profits and diminishing sales, Harden started to experience layoffs and tightening finances.

Harden Furniture Company Buy Out

During the mid 2000’s, Harden employed less than 300 people.

During these hard times, Harden also took a risk and started a product line made overseas. Their “Tapestry” line introduced a lesser priced imported line under the Harden umbrella. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this short-lived attempt to offer cheaper goods didn’t boost sales and was phased out.

The time came after a series of layoffs, restarts and attempts to salvage the company that Harden LLC was sold. After 174 years of business, Harden Furniture came under new ownership.

Who Owns Harden Furniture?

In January 2018, Big Shoulders Capital, LLC out of Illinois purchased Harden Furniture.

While the new company aimed to give new life to Harden, they simply could not bring back the manufacturing process in a serious way. Additionally, the new owners could not surmount company debts. After two failed attempts to resuscitate the company, Harden furniture under Big Shoulders Capital LLC sent their tools and remaining equipment to the auction block in October of 2018.

Big Shoulders Capital and its partners are now attempting to sell the “Harden” name and the remaining intellectual property under sealed bids. Bidding for the name, website and furniture plans are open until February 1, 2019.

Harden Furniture Styles

harden sofa Certainly, we remember Harden fondly for their incredible furniture. As a vintage store, we witness the beauty and craftsmanship of Harden Furniture collection nearly every day. In fact, it remains one of our favorite traditional furniture manufacturers.

But what differentiates Harden from other brands?

Besides the commitment to solid cherry, I think the Harden Furniture Collections designs were truly top notch.

Harden worked relentlessly at perfecting their cabinet, table and chair designs. Harden bedroom furniture, with beautiful poster beds and dressers, equaled Stickley furniture’s quality in my opinion. By their peak, the company sold over 750 different furniture pieces, and most, if not all, were adaptations of period pieces.

It goes without saying that Harden studied the masters.

Elegant block front chests echoed the work of 18th Century Rhode Island cabinetmaker, Samuel Goddard.

Gooseneck arms on an elegant dining chair mimic English classics, like the popular Queen Anne style.

harden furniture valueThe shell carvings and full bonnet on a Harden highboy highlight the beautiful work of early American masters.

And of course, the ornate overlays often found on a Harden secretary or curio cabinet echo the works of Thomas Chippendale.

Finally, there is always a certain elegance to the details on Harden furniture. We often see end tables and dining tables with cookie corners, rather than simple flat aprons. Solid brass swan neck hardware often decorates Harden drawers.

Another interesting Harden signature: Harden often did raised designs rather than inlay work. For instance, we have seen the belle-fleur motif popularized by George Hepplewhite make its way to Harden pieces. But instead of inlaying with a lighter wood, the Harden pieces show raised carvings on their solid cherry components.

Harden Furniture Finish

Of course, great wood, high level craftsmanship and beautiful designs are only part of the process. The stunning wood creations also have to go through final finishing.

As one of our vintage Harden catalog’s states,

“Harden’s beauty is much more than ‘skin deep.’.. Each piece of wood is beautifully matched; no natural defects are permitted, even on unexposed wood… Each drawer is meticulously sanded, sealed, lacquered and waxed so that even the most delicate silks and laces can be stored within, safely. Harden’s unique 18-step finishing process enhances the natural beauty of the wood and makes their furniture satin smooth to the touch.”

harden furniture catalogHeirloom furniture features a lengthy 18 step finishing process that protects the wood from blemishes and signs of wear. In fact, while regular polishing and careful use certainly helps, it is the finishing process that takes a piece of furniture from good to great!

Harden’s deep cherry finishes are both beautiful and phenomenally strong. With good care, Harden furniture can be passed down from generation to generation. Pre-owned Harden furniture will surely outlast its less expensive counterparts.

Harden Furniture in the White House

While most pieces in the White House are exact replicas, often made by Kittinger Furniture, Harden also has a place of honor in our nation’s capital.

Several of their fine black cherry pieces sit in the First Lady’s office. Harden also made 1000 chairs for the Capital’s Visitor Center and chairs for the House and Senate.

Most recently, Harden also was commissioned to make a 16 foot long conference table for the Theodore Roosevelt room in the White House in 2011. The special White House project took several special considerations. It had to fit the narrow room (built in 1902) and also be easy to disassemble for other types of receptions. Of course, obviously, it had to have presence and style to impress the President and Heads of State that would meet there. 🙂 Harden rose to the occasion and developed a stunning conference table made of their signature domestic cherry.

Harden Furniture Values

Vintage furniture can face fluctuations like any other market. Of course, both trends in interior design and in the general economy can affect buying decisions for the general population.

harden furniture price guideThat said, Harden held a steady grip on the high end furniture market for many years. There are many people who had extreme loyalty towards the brand, and thus the name recognition for Harden is rather high, and for good reason.

Currently, on the used market, Harden furniture may be facing a short term loss in value, much like most pre-owned fine furniture. You can purchase fine furniture made by Harden at wonderful places like Bohemians for pennies on the dollar. 🙂

Personally, I feel as though Harden Furniture may appreciate in value in coming years, especially as the legend of Harden grows. The sad truth of their recent closing may send loyal fans to seek out Harden furniture for sale. Right now, traditional fine vintage furniture really has no match in quality and Harden still stands as one of the premier companies.

True American Fine Furniture can be an incredible investment for savvy buyers. And personally, I see traditional designs taking center stage again in the design world once again. Fabrics and accessories can always be changed or modified, but when a room has fine Harden Furniture as its bones, you will immediately notice the elegant difference.

What to Look for in Harden Furniture?

As with any used furniture, you may have questions about what to look for in Harden Furniture for sale.

Of course, seeing the brand name in the drawers and undersides of chairs and tables provides reassurance of quality. In nearly all case pieces (dressers, sideboards, china cabinets) the name Harden is burned into the wood. In most cases, the year that the piece was made also accompanies the brand name, most often seen on the back of these pieces.

harden label

Paper tags and cloth labels were used on chairs and upholstered goods though. So if you don’t see the Harden tag on a sofa or chair, it is possible it went missing or someone removed it. Then, without a bill of receipt or other evidence, it becomes hard to attribute the piece to Harden unless you have a very trained eye!

With all this in mind, the evidence of the Harden name is still only half the battle. The condition of the Harden piece speaks volumes.

While most Harden furniture comes from fine homes and is well kept, there are instances when Harden furniture suffers from bad storage, over use, or harmful polishes.

We have seen solid cherry dining tables cup and warp when they were improperly stored in very cold or humid places. Storage units without temperature control can do quite a bit of harm to beautiful cherry furniture. You may see splits on the sides of china cabinets or warped china cabinet doors.

harden furniture label

Also, many people do not realize that inexpensive furniture polishes can do harm to the hand-rubbed finishes of Harden pieces. So be careful if you see a waxy or hazy finish on Harden. This may signal a little overzealous use of the aerosol cans! (As a side note, we recommend a particular Harden furniture polish! Where to buy Harden Furniture Polish?)

Finally, chair joints often see the most use, so be weary of loose joints in dining chairs. While they can be repaired, dining chairs need lots of clamps and lots of patience.

Harden Furniture Company

While sadly not in business anymore, thousands of people still have the opportunity to enjoy Harden Furniture in their homes. The beautiful dining, living room and bedroom furniture by Harden will remain an excellent choice for modern homes.

pre-owned Harden Furniture

As we see Harden close for good, I feel lucky and honored to have sold some incredible Harden pieces over the years.

Indeed, I hope to find more of these vintage Harden beds, Harden dressers, Harden sofas and Harden dining room furniture in the future. Mature clients recognize the Harden name for its quality and craftsmanship, while younger clients immediately recognize the beauty and style.

I sincerely hope you consider vintage Harden Furniture for your home. And if you have inherited some Harden Furniture pieces, I do hope you treasure them for years to come!

I can only guess that Harden will become more beloved as years go by, and no new company can come close to replacing them in craftsmanship, quality or beauty.

Thank you for reading and for inviting us into your traditional home!

Written by Rachel LaBoheme

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150 thoughts on “What Happened to Harden Furniture? The Sad Truth about one of America’s Best Furniture Companies!

  1. I have a beautiful Harden executive leather desk chair purchased new in 1997. The leather is still perfectly fine, but the plastic wheels are dried out and breaking apart. Is there any place I can find replacement wheels? Do the wheels just pop out and if there are no Harden wheels, are they a standard size that can be replaced with wheels from another manufacturer? Thanks

    1. Hi David, usually wheels can be popped out with a screwdriver and just a twist. Yes places like home depot and lowes sell many similar wheels, larger selection on amazon, i usually bring a wheel to the bid box stores and look around for a nice replacement.

  2. How much would a used (but barely sat on) Harden sofa with down pillows be worth on the resale market?

    1. Hi Linda, if the Harden sofa has a nice look we would start the price at about $800 to $900 if in like new condition, any flaws and the sofa may only be worth a few dollars as recovering today is very expensive.

  3. We lived in upstate NY in the 70s. I went to the Harden factory to see all the pieces of furniture they made. I was so impressed seeing cherry logs being cut from their own trees to the attention to detail inside and out and their timeless designs were beautiful. We were moving to WA state so we bought our dining room set and bedroom set before we moved. It’s been almost 45 years and it is as beautiful as when we first owned it. I was very sad to hear they no longer make the furniture. I appreciate the wonderful quality I’ve enjoyed all these years.

  4. Good afternoon. Do you know of any resources identifying the Harden marks used?
    I am aware of the block print HARDEN in caps. I have also seen a more script like Harden name on pieces, burned in but more script like font and upper and lower case. Is this a legitimate Harden mark? I appreciate you help on this. Thanks!

    1. Yes Nadine we have also seen a few different script marks for different lines at times, the quality always shows it truly is Harden furniture. Thanks for the question.

  5. I just acquired a Harden Hi-lo round table but need help in getting the mechanism to work correctly. Anyone have one out there that can help?

  6. In 1979, my parents gave us a Harden cherry bedroom suite as a wedding gift. In 43 years, it’s moved with us from Florida to Virginia to New York to England to Canada to New York. It is still a stunning piece of furniture. I’m very sad to see that Harden Furniture has closed.

  7. It’s heartbreaking to hear that HARDEN is among the casualties of the open trade era- specifically the historic trade agreement between the US and Asia in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter. Flawed from the beginning, this will undoubtedly become Carter’s biggest failure. As Carter tee-ed up the Asia trade market for succeeding incumbents, President Ronald Reagan and President George Bush.
    U.S. goods and services trade with China totaled an estimated $615.2 billion in 2020.
    Exports were $164.9 billion; imports were $450.4 billion.

  8. Hello, Rachel LaBoheme,

    We purchased an amazing Harden sectional sofa in 1995. It has worn beautifully but we had hoped to have the folks at Harden re-upholster it someday. It was customized for the size of the space in our living room. Harden no longer exists, but we are wondering if anyone you know of does the quality of re-upholstering commensurate with Harden quality? We are referring to the entire job- seats, cushion cores, etc. The fabric is a (now-worn) thick cotton that we love. We understand that a high-end upholsterer will not be inexpensive.
    Any thoughts and recommendations are appreciated! Rochelle and Barry, Wellsboro PA

    1. Hi Rochelle! Thank you for the comment. We use a local upholstery business. We would recommend reaching out to a company like Stickley furniture in NY, I believe they are still doing work for customers. I hope that helps.

  9. We bought a new Walnut Live Edge dining room table from Harden in 2013. I believe it has a polyurethane finish. When asking at the Harden factory how to clean, the said just use a wet towel, then dry off. Thats what we have done for 8 years. Now we are starting to notice the finish is getting dull. You can see white in the grain. What would cause this and is there anything we can do other than getting a refinish?

    1. Hi Ed. Thank you for writing. My best guess is a little bit of moisture got trapped in the finish somehow, causing some white streaks. I am not an expert on “live edge furniture,” however, you could try some Howard’s Restor-a-finish (probably in walnut color). This product is sold in Lowe’s and Home Depot, usually in the paint department. I would suggest wiping it on and then buffing it off with a soft tee-shirt rag. (You may want to try an inconspicuous spot beforehand). Then, try a beeswax to protect the table. I also like Howard’s brand of beeswax. I think this should brighten up the finish and reduce the dullness. Best of luck! I hope this helps. Happy New Year! Best, Rachel

    2. I’m sorry I’m not seeing a place to enter my own comment. I am looking for the bottled Harden Furniture Cleaner/Polish. Is it still available and if so, where???

  10. Hi
    In the 1990’s I purchased a Harden boat shape cherry dining table. Over the years it has developed many scratches and unfortunately I have occasionally used pledge. The table has a burnished oil finish and my husband is an amateur woodworker and would like to refinish and remove the scratches. He has an oscillating sander but we do not want to take it down to the original natural wood because of possible blotchy finish. Someone recommended just buffing. Do you have any thoughts on what we might do. It is a beautiful table with a rich red color and we do not want to ruin it. Thank you for any advice.

    1. Hi Marie, not sure how deep or bad the scratches are but we usually start with the simple and most effective first. That is using a product called “Howards-Restore-A-Finish” that you can find at any Lowes or Home depot paint department. It wipes on like old english but much much much better. it comes in a cherry color as well, we pretty much use the walnut or dark walnut on most pieces. No worries as it really doesnt stain anything. We then wipe off any excess and buff with a soft cloth or old tshirt. We then use a coat or two of a good bees wax, “Howards” make an easy one to use as well. I would try that approach first and see what happens. It can be quite amazing if you take a bit of time and just buff and wax. Hope that helps and look forward to hearing good news about your table soon?

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