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Find Treasures at Our Premier Antique Mall

Immerse yourself in the charming world of bygone eras at the crossroads of history and style, where the allure of the past comes to life. At Bohemians Antiques Vintage Furniture Art & Decor, located at 11068 BUCHANAN TRL E WAYNESBORO PA 17268-9424, USA, you’re invited to a premier shopping experience unlike any other. Step into our eclectic antique mall and browse through a curated collection that captures the essence of a classic vintage marketplace. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a casual admirer, our collectibles shop is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.

With every item holding a whisper of yesteryear, our vibrant retro retail space brings together those who share a passion for timeless elegance. Connect with history through each unique find and give your home a touch of sophistication and character. Reimagine your living spaces with selections from our array of antique beauties, or make a statement with vintage art that tells its own story. Dive into our website at to preview the ambiance and offerings of our beloved antique store.

Discover a piece of the past that resonates with you as you explore our delightful collection curated for discerning tastes. Bohemians Antiques is more than a store; it’s a passage through time, nestled in the heart of the United States of America.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore a premier shopping experience at a historical location.
  • Browse an eclectic array of antiques and vintage furniture.
  • Connect with the past through each unique find at Bohemians Antiques.
  • Enjoy a curated collection perfect for collectors and admirers alike.
  • Visit our website to get a glimpse of the timeless elegance we offer.
  • Set forth on a journey through history at our antique mall.

Welcome to Highland America’s Antique Mall

If you’re a devotee of all things vintage and are on the lookout for a new treasure-hunting destination, take a delightful detour to Highland America’s Antique Mall. In the heart of Highland, Indiana, at 8311 Indianapolis Blvd., lies a sprawling haven for antique lovers that promises an unrivaled adventure in a vintage shopping center. Let the rich history and character of bygone days captivate your senses as you wander through a truly monumental space in the antique market.

A New Alternative for Vintage Aficionados

With its vast expanse offering a dizzying assortment of antiques and rarities, this market stands out as a fresh and vibrant alternative for seasoned antique dealers and first-time visitors alike. Its ever-changing inventory ensures that every visit brings new surprises and potential heirlooms into your life.

Over 55,000 Square Feet of Unique Finds

Imagine over 55,000 square feet teeming with items steeped in nostalgia, craftsmanship, and timeless beauty. Each aisle invites you on an exploratory journey, with hidden gems waiting around every corner to complement your collection or start a new one.

Convenient Location Just 14 Miles from Crown Point, IN

Accessibility is key, and this vintage shopping center boasts a prime location. A brief drive from Crown Point, Indiana, transports you to an antique emporium where history and modern convenience meet, effortlessly blending the past with the present for an exceptional day out.

Vendor Category Item Types Unique Offerings
Antique Furniture Desks, Wardrobes, Chairs 19th Century Oak Desk
Vintage Collectibles Figurines, Coins, Stamps Rare 1950s Coca-Cola Memorabilia
Homemade Crafts Jewelry, Pottery, Textiles Handcrafted Silver Necklaces
Upcycled Goods Furniture, Art, Decor Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables

Why Our Antique Mall is a Must-Visit

Embark on a quest for unique finds at Highland America’s Antique Mall, your next destination for a memorable shopping experience. Nestled near Crown Point, Indiana, this vast paradise of the past is replete with a broad spectrum of antique, vintage, and handmade items that promise to captivate and enchant.

Within its expansive confines, the mall’s wide aisles teem with vendor booths brimming with items that challenge the ordinary and redefine the essence of antiquing. From the novice collector to the seasoned connoisseur, every visitor is treated to a phenomenal customer experience. This is where the thrill of the hunt meets the joy of discovery.

Not just a treasure trove for antiquers, Highland America’s Antique Mall is a destination for the whole family. With immersive monthly events, there are stories waiting to be told and heirlooms waiting to be discovered. Whether it’s a day out with loved ones or a solitary expedition, your adventure will be steeped in history and grandeur.

Need a moment to regroup? The antique mall goes above and beyond by offering the unique amenity of an on-site cafe. At Eatery 41, indulge in a variety of refreshments, from heartwarming coffee to celebratory beer and wine. It’s the perfect place to ponder your potential purchases or simply revel in the day’s excitement.

In your search for those one-of-a-kind items, relish in the luxury of space and time. Without the constraints of the typical antique store, you’re free to explore and enjoy. An extraordinary collection of curiosities awaits, inviting you to partake in a shopping experience you will treasure long after your visit.

Highland America’s Antique Mall stands out not just as a marketplace but as a journey through time. As you pass through the portals of this unique shopping haven, you’ll understand just why it’s more than an antique mall—it’s a hub of history, culture, and cherished memories waiting to be made. An experience so grand, it does not merely satisfy—it delights and inspires.

Unmatched Selection Across 300+ Booths

As you step into the expanse of Highland America’s Antique Mall, your eyes will be greeted by a treasure trove of history, craftsmanship, and design; an unparalleled spectacle in the antique market. Imagine strolling through more than 300 distinctive vendor booths, each offering a unique blend of the past and the present, showcasing not just antiques, but a vibrant retro retail experience.

From Rare Antiques to Upcycled Treasures

Whether it’s the art deco glamor or the rustic charm of folk art that draws you in, the array of choices is endless. Be prepared to encounter everything from grandiose Victorian furniture to quirky mid-century gadgets. This collectibles shop doesn’t just cater to a niche; it opens up a world of possibilities for all lovers of cherished histories and revived classics.

A Continuously Rotating Inventory

No two visits are ever the same at Highland America’s Antique Mall. With a continuously rotating inventory that shines a spotlight on rare antiques, upcycled marvels, and collectible gems, you’re guaranteed a fresh adventure every time you visit. It’s an invitation to return time and again—to complete your collection, start new ones, or simply to bask in the eclectic mix of bygone days meeting contemporary charm.

Booth Highlights Categories Unique Finds
Memories of Yesteryear Victorian, Art Deco, Americana 1920’s Beaded Flapper Dresses
The Upcycled Alcove Furniture, Art, Home Accents Custom Steampunk Lamps
Collector’s Corner Stamps, Coins, Figurines Signed Baseball Memorabilia
Retro Revival Kitchenware, Appliances, Decor Mint Condition 1950s Sunbeam Mixer

At Highland America’s Antique Mall, your passion for the past meets our dedication to a diverse and dynamic retro retail experience. So, come indulge in the anticipation of discovery and leave with more than just items—leave with stories, leave with history.

More Than Just an Antique Store

At the intersection of nostalgia and modern convenience, America’s Antique Mall has elevated the standard for a vintage shopping center. Here, you’re not simply hopping from one antique booth to another; you’re offered a full customer experience that caters to all senses, including your palate. The presence of Eatery 41 within the realms of this unique shopping destination means you can treasure hunt to your heart’s content and then satiate your hunger without ever stepping outside.

Whether you are looking for a spot to reflect on your potential purchases, a casual lunch with fellow antique enthusiasts, or just a moment to toast to your latest vintage find with a glass of wine, Eatery 41 meets all these needs. It’s rare to find an antique store that doubles as a gathering place where stories of the day’s finds are shared over food and drink. By bridging the gap between shopping and dining, America’s Antique Mall provides a seamless and enjoyable customer experience, endearing itself to visitors as more than just a place to shop—it’s a place to be, to relax, and to enjoy the evolving canvas of timeless treasures.

It’s this fusion of leisure and retail that sets America’s Antique Mall apart from the conventional. By creating an atmosphere where time is forgotten, the mall secures its position as a premier vintage shopping center—a place where hours fly by unnoticed and every visit promises new discoveries and pleasures. So whether you’re in pursuit of that perfect 1920s lamp or a handcrafted art piece, remember that here, the experience is just as valuable as the treasures you’ll take home.

The Ultimate Vintage Shopping Center Experience

As you meander through Highland America’s Antique Mall, it becomes clear that this is far more than just an antique market—it’s an immersive experience. With the seamless blend of commerce and comfort, you’re invited to explore a distinctive collectibles shop that offers a respite for relaxation and dining within its walls.

A Delightful Cafe Inside the Mall

Imagine a place where the treasure hunt of vintage novelties is complemented by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the taste of homemade delights. Eatery 41—a charming cafe situated right inside the mall—caters to antique enthusiasts with an assortment of culinary treats. This delightful break spot allows you to ponder over potential purchases with a cup of coffee in hand or regale with friends over a glass of wine.

Monthly Events for Family Entertainment

Further establishing itself as a hub for the community, this vintage shopping center goes beyond the norm by hosting monthly events that bring together families for shared entertainment. These gatherings provide a warm, inviting atmosphere that celebrates the joy of antiquing with fun-filled activities for shoppers of all ages. Highland America’s Antique Mall is not only a place to shop, it’s where memories are made and the antique market is celebrated as a vibrant part of family life.

Event Activities Experience
Antique Treasure Hunts Scavenger hunts, vendor specials Engaging and exciting exploration
Monthly Themed Parties Costumes, music, food & drink Festive atmosphere for all ages
Kids’ Corner Crafts Antique-inspired art and craft Creative and educational fun
Live Music Sundays Local bands, dancing, enjoyment A melodic end to your week

With such a rich array of offerings, Highland America’s Antique Mall is uniquely positioned as the ultimate destination for an antique market experience. You’re invited to browse, buy, and bond in a place where every visit promises new discoveries and enjoyable moments.

Discover Relics of the Past at Every Turn

Are you ready to embark on a historical journey where every step brings you face to face with the enchantment of bygone years? At Highland America’s Antique Mall, an ambiance of discovery envelops you, offering up historical treasures with rich narratives engraved in their essence. This isn’t your typical antique store; it’s a realm where each item has a past life, waiting to intersect with yours.

Envision walking down the corridors, under the soft glow of vintage lamps, where countless aisles brim with captivating goods. From the deeply admired vintage furniture with tales as aged as their varnish to the delicate memorabilia, each piece echoes the splendor of its era, inviting you to unravel its history.

Make no mistake, fellow seekers of the extraordinary, as you meander through this vast antique haven, you will not merely browse—you will experience. Each booth is a portal to yesteryears, every showcase is a curated chapter of heritage. And with the intricate variety of offerings, expect to be swept away into an adventure where the relics of the past are the main attraction.

  • Step into a world rich with nostalgia—where memory becomes tangible.
  • Feast your eyes upon the diverse spectrum of eras represented here.
  • Savor the thrill of the quest as you hunt for the next addition to your collection.
  • Connect with history through the touch of an object that has traveled through time to reach you.

At Highland America’s Antique Mall, every turn is a new opportunity to encounter a piece of history. Whether for collection or decoration, the treasures you find will continue the stories of yesterday within the spaces of your tomorrow. Join us, where the past is present, and the future holds the allure of the ancestral.

Antique Dealers: Partners in History and Heritage

The quest for vintage treasures leads you to Highland America’s Antique Mall, where each visit unfolds like a chapter in a history book—all made possible by a vibrant community of antique dealers. As curators of taste and history, these vendors are more than sellers; they are guardians of heritage, offering a glimpse into the past through their diverse and unique collections.

A Diverse Community of Passionate Vendors

Enthusiasm and diversity are the cornerstones of our antique market, with vendors from all walks of life uniting under one roof to offer pieces ranging from quaint retro retail finds to stately antiques with aristocratic lineages. This blend of expertise and passion ensures a collection as diverse as the clientele it serves, providing something for every antiquarian.

Antiques with Stories to Tell

Imagine picking up a gilded mirror and knowing it once hung in a grand parlor, or acquiring a time-worn map that guided early adventurers. The antiques here carry with them whispers of the past, each with a story yearning to be continued in new hands. Our engaging antique dealers ensure your encounter with each piece is as rich with narrative as it is with history.

Vintage Category Curator’s Specialty Featured Story
Fine Jewelry Art Nouveau and Victorian Heirloom pieces with romantic tales
Classic Furniture Revival Styles Daybeds from 19th-century estates
Historical Art Renaissance to Modern Portraits with aristocratic provenance
Decorative Arts Deco and Mid-Century Modern Avant-garde pieces from iconic eras

At Highland America’s Antique Mall, the dialogue between present and past is ever-flowing, and each visit enriches your understanding of history through the illustrious backstories of our captivating items. It’s here that you can truly appreciate the essence of a collectibles shop, where the pursuit of antiques becomes an odyssey through our collective heritage.

Shop for Unique Furniture, Art, and Decor

When setting foot in Highland America’s Antique Mall, prepare yourself for an encounter with unparalleled elegance and historical depth. Among the mall’s exquisite offerings is Bohemians Antiques, a carefully curated gallery revered for its eclectic range of vintage furniture, art, and home decor. These pieces, rich with narrative and aesthetic appeal, promise to infuse your living or workspace with a unique character that only time-honored craftsmanship can deliver.

Exceptional Pieces for Your Home or Office

Whether you’re refining your home ambiance or aiming to elevate your office’s visual narrative, the options at your disposal are both diverse and profound. The antique furniture selections serve not merely as utilitarian objects but as storytelling pieces that resonate with the echoes of their period. Similarly, the artworks and home decor accessories available through Bohemians Antiques are more than mere adornments; they are conversations starters, imbued with the gravitas of their origins.

Bohemians Antiques: A Featured Collection

Bohemians Antiques, located within the mall and featured prominently at 11068 BUCHANAN TRL E WAYNESBORO PA 17268-9424 United States of America, is a distinguished ensemble among numerous remarkable exhibitors. This notable collection stands out with its discerning array of items, each piece handpicked for its artistry, condition, and presence. Renowned for an exemplary online showcase at, Bohemians Antiques extends the invitation to explore their treasures firsthand, promising an enriching acquisition experience. This eclectic collection is a testament to the beauty and durability of past eras, making each visit an inspiring journey through a corridor of elegance.

In summary, the pursuit of vintage furniture, exquisite art, and distinctive home decor leads to the doors of Highland America’s Antique Mall, where history is honored and future heirlooms await your discovery. Bohemians Antiques stands as a beacon for those who yearn to own a slice of heritage, ensuring every item you select from this featured collection is an authentic embodiment of historic grandeur and stylistic merit.

Vintage Collectibles and Memorable Gifts

Stepping into Highland America’s Antique Mall, you’ll find yourself in a preeminent vintage shopping center laden with an enchanting selection of vintage collectibles. Every corner whispers tales of the past, offering not just mementos, but memorable gifts infused with history and charm. The curated collection at this destination echoes the stories and artistry of bygone eras, awaiting new homes to grace with their perennial beauty.

Whether it’s a milestone celebration or a thoughtful gesture, the quest for the perfect gift ends here amidst the vast assortment of rarities. From intricately designed jewelry reminiscent of Art Nouveau elegance to handcrafted trinkets that carry the meticulous craftsmanship of an artisan, the mall’s offerings serve as both precious keepsakes and expressive gifts that resonate with personal narratives.

Delight in the plethora of options that abound, carefully amassed to suit discerning tastes. It’s in the fine detailing of a vintage watch or the weathered spine of a classic novel where you find not just an item, but a fragment of history. Each piece selected from this marketplace is poised to become a memorable gift, enhancing your personal treasure trove or bringing joy to someone special.

Item Category Gift Ideas Description
Retro Collections Classic Vinyl Records Rediscover the analog warmth of vintage music, perfect for audiophiles.
Vintage Jewelry Art Deco Brooches Elegant accents that add a touch of historic glamor to any ensemble.
Antique Home Decor Victorian Era Vases Exquisite decor that brings a stately atmosphere to modern homes.
Time-worn Books First Edition Classics Immerse in literary heritage with collectible editions for book lovers.

Each item showcased within Highland America’s Antique Mall bears the potential of becoming that quintessential memorable gift—one that ignites stories and sparks emotions, bridging the gap between past and present. As a remarkable vintage shopping center, it invites you to choose from a world where every item promises to be much more than a mere gift—it awaits to become a memorable part of someone’s life narrative.

Turn a Day of Shopping into an Adventure

Embarking on an outing to Highland America’s Antique Mall isn’t just about the purchases you’ll make—it’s an entire antique market experience waiting to unfold. Think of it as a journey through time where each artifact carries a tale, turning your day into an adventure at this vibrant vintage shopping center.

Comfortable Walking Shoes Recommended

With the expanse of 55,000 square feet of treasures, your quest for the perfect find at Highland America’s Antique Mall may be lengthy. We advise you to wear comfortable walking shoes, preparing you to navigate the spacious aisles with ease and to ensure that your search through the vast antique market is as enjoyable as it is fruitful.

Bring a Spacious Vehicle for Larger Treasures

And what’s an adventure without treasures to take home? From exquisite vintage furniture to sizable works of art, you never know what incredible finds will call out to you. Keep in mind to arrive in a spacious vehicle capable of transporting the larger historical pieces you may uncover at this captivating vintage shopping center.

Your visit to Highland America’s Antique Mall is not only a chance to add to your collection of antiques; it’s an encounter with history, art, and community that’s sure to enrich your day. So gather your friends or set out solo, and transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary exploration.

Plan Your Visit Any Day of the Week

Imagine a place where the charm of yesteryears is meticulously preserved, beckoning you to indulge in a retro retail experience that’s open any day that suits your fancy. Highland America’s Antique Mall, a bustling vintage marketplace, invites you into its warm embrace without reserve. Here, each day unfolds a new chapter of antiquities, where aisles are replete with unique collectibles and historical treasures that beckon you to immerse yourself in their stories.

No need to circle dates or wait for traditional occasions. This treasure haven greets you with open doors, offering flexible opportunities to align with your schedule. Monday blues? Alleviate them by surrounding yourself with timeless elegance. A spontaneous weekend outing? Perfect! The past is readily accessible, waiting to be rediscovered when it’s most convenient for you.

Step into the past on your terms, letting curiosity be your guide. Whether it’s after a long day of work or a lazy Sunday afternoon, the Mall’s collections of past era marvels are poised to turn any day into an extraordinary journey through history. With its doors wide open seven days a week, Highland America’s Antique Mall serves as your personal gateway to a time-traveling adventure in the world of retro retail and vintage marketplace.

  • Uncover new old treasures tailored to your taste and penchant for the past.
  • Enjoy the convenience of exploring this vintage hub according to your schedule.
  • Revel in the rich history that is available every single day of the week, waiting to be explored.

Your next antique find doesn’t have to wait for a special occasion. Every day is ripe with potential at Highland America’s Antique Mall, where the joy of discovery is a daily event. So why wait? Plan your visit today and let the allure of vintage wonders transform your ordinary day into an unforgettable experience.

Why Wait for a Special Occasion to Explore?

Don’t let the calendar dictate your adventures. At Highland America’s Antique Mall, any day is the perfect day to discover something extraordinary. With its unique blend of over 600 vendors, this is not your typical collectibles shop but a vibrant epicenter of history and culture, a standout in the realm of antique stores. Whether you’re a novice collector or an experienced antiquary, the ever-changing merchandise guarantees a novel experience with each visit.

Over 600 Vendors with Ever-Changing Merchandise

Every stroll through America’s Antique Mall is a new journey. With over 600 vendors, the array of merchandise is as varied as history itself. Vendors constantly refresh their selections, ensuring that each time you visit this vintage shopping center, you’ll encounter new treasures and unexpected finds, making every trip as exciting as the last.

Satisfy Your Hunger at Eatery 41 Without Leaving the Mall

Exploration can whet the appetite, and at Eatery 41, you can sate your hunger without stepping foot outside. Nestled conveniently within the confines of America’s Antique Mall, this cafe offers a delectable respite from your treasure-seeking endeavors. Whether you crave a quick snack or wish to toast to a successful day of vintage finds with a glass of wine, Eatery 41 creates an atmosphere for dining that perfectly complements your vintage shopping center experience.

A Timeless Collection from Toys to Memorabilia

At Highland America’s Antique Mall, every visit unveils a burgeoning narrative rich with the essence of ages past. Here, among the resplendent aisles, you’ll find more than objects; what awaits you are timeless treasures that whisper tales of their former glory. This renowned antique mall extends an open invitation to immerse yourself in its extensive selection, sure to enchant collectors and casual enthusiasts alike.

Embrace the charm of vintage playthings with classic toys that stand as a testament to yesteryear’s craftsmanship. Amidst the nostalgic collection, each toy evokes memories of a cherished era and piques the curiosity of both the young and the young at heart. Moreover, significant memorabilia jackets the walls—a homage to the milestones of history, beckoning you to partake in the legacy of eminent figures and bygone events.

Picture yourself strolling through a myriad of booths, each artfully curated with keepsakes from an eclectic range of epochs. From enchanting dollhouses that capture the Victorian aesthetic to rugged tin cars and trains hailing from the industrial revelry, these collectibles bridge the past and present, imbuing homes with the spirit of antiquity.

“Every item carries a story, a fragment of history waiting to continue its journey in your life.”

Compiling a treasure trove of such magnitude, the mall serves not just as a mere shopping venue but as a cultural epicenter where memories and marvels converge. It stands as a welcoming beacon for those seeking relics that have steadfastly weathered the sands of time, firmly establishing itself within the community as a monument to the perennial allure of antiques.

Within the welcoming confines of America’s Antique Mall, you encounter not only the elegance of the old but the excitement of ownership, knowing that with each purchase, you become a steward of a piece of history—preserving it for generations to appreciate. What you bring home is more than just a possession; it’s a slice of a bygone era that you can now call your own.

  • Be enthralled by an array of vintage toys, each with its story to tell.
  • Discover memorabilia that celebrates historic events and renowned personalities.
  • Connect with the past through items that have transcended time.
  • Become a caretaker of history with each acquisition from this extraordinary antique mall.

Whether you’re drawn to the romance of antiquities or the adventure of the hunt, Highland America’s Antique Mall promises a journey draped in the elegance of history. Your search for the perfect piece of the past starts and culminates here, where every corner harbors potential heirlooms, each with a story awaiting your discovery.

Raising the Bar for Antique Markets

Highland America’s Antique Mall revolutionizes the quintessential antique market experience by blending the allure of historical artifacts with the comfort of modern amenities. Distinct from your standard visit to an antique mall, this vintage shopping center not only connects you with a kaleidoscope of antique dealers but also enhances your visit with amenity-rich experiences. Imagine an expedition where every find is not only a piece of history but also an opportunity to indulge in expanded offerings that redefine antiquing.

A Vintage Shopping Center with Expanded Offerings

Visiting here takes you beyond the norm, with an atmosphere curated as meticulously as the goods on display. Vendors at Highland America’s Antique Mall are treasure troves of knowledge, presenting pristine collections and rare novelties that add authenticity to your home or collection. Stepping into this vintage shopping center, your expectations will be met with sensational finds, wide-eyed admiration, and an inviting cafe experience at Eatery 41 that caters to a leisurely interlude in your shopping adventure.

A Glass of Wine to Celebrate Your Finds

More than a discovery of antiquity, your visit culminates in a chalice of celebration. At the mall’s very own Eatery 41, raise a glass of wine to the successes of your day’s hunt. This vintage shopping center acknowledges the joys of antiquing, extending the occasion to savor a victorious find or mull over the day’s potential acquisitions with a beverage that pairs well with reflection and relaxation. Highland America’s Antique Mall not only brings together an exceptional cohort of antique dealers, but it equally understands the sophistication its discerning shoppers appreciate.

Your adventures at this antique market are complemented by the distinct offerings of Bohemians Antiques. With its physical presence located at 11068 BUCHANAN TRL E WAYNESBORO PA 17268-9424 United States of America and a notable showcase online at, Bohemians Antiques imbues your quest for vintage furniture, art, and decor with unparalleled elegance and historical depth. There’s no substitute for the experience of selecting your next conversation piece amidst such a rich tapestry of past eras, awaiting discovery in this exemplary antique mall.


What makes Highland America’s Antique Mall a premier antique mall?

Highland America’s Antique Mall offers a vast selection of unique finds, including rare antiques, vintage goods, and upcycled items spread across 55,000 square feet, creating a memorable shopping experience that stands out in the antique market.

Where is Highland America’s Antique Mall located?

The mall is located at 8311 Indianapolis Blvd. Highland, IN 46322, which is conveniently just 14 miles from Crown Point, Indiana, making it a centralized destination for vintage lovers and collectors alike.

What types of items can I expect to find at Highland America’s Antique Mall?

You’ll find a continuously rotating inventory that includes everything from historical treasures and rare collectibles to vintage furniture, home decor, and more. With over 300 booths, the selection is unmatched and continually refreshed to provide new discoveries with each visit.

Are there any amenities available at this vintage shopping center?

Yes, Highland America’s Antique Mall goes beyond the typical antique store experience by offering Eatery 41, an on-site cafe where you can enjoy food, coffee, and alcoholic beverages. Additionally, the mall hosts monthly family events making shopping a more comprehensive and enjoyable experience.

Can you tell me more about Bohemians Antiques collection at Highland America’s Antique Mall?

Bohemians Antiques features in the mall, offering an exquisite selection of vintage furniture, art, and decor. These pieces are thoughtfully curated, providing shoppers with unique and elegant options that are perfect for enriching any living or workspace.

Are there any tips for making the most out of a visit to the antique mall?

Absolutely! It’s recommended to wear comfortable shoes since there’s a good deal of walking involved in exploring the vast vintage marketplace. Also, if you plan on purchasing larger items, bringing a spacious vehicle will help ensure you can take your treasures home smoothly.

Is Highland America’s Antique Mall open daily?

Yes, the mall is open every day of the week, allowing you the flexibility to plan a visit to this retro retail and vintage marketplace on your own schedule.

What is the Experience like at Highland America’s Antique Mall’s Eatery 41?

Eatery 41 enhances your antique shopping experience by providing a comfortable spot to grab a bite or sip a beverage. It’s an ideal place to take a break and refuel without having to leave the mall, offering everything from snacks to full meals, plus beer and wine if you feel like toasting to your finds.

Does the antique mall offer any special services or events?

Yes, Highland America’s Antique Mall is known for its expanded offerings, including monthly family-friendly events that add to the excitement of the shopping experience. These events are designed to provide entertainment for visitors of all ages.

What sets the community of antique dealers at Highland America’s Antique Mall apart?

The mall is home to a diverse community of passionate antique dealers who are partners in preserving historical artifacts and heritage. They help to weave stories of the past into the fabric of the present, providing a rich narrative along with the items on sale and ensuring a remarkable retro retail encounter.

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