Value Antique Victorian Dining Chairs

What is a set of Antique Victorian Dining Chairs Worth? Any Value?

What is a set of Antique Victorian Dining Chairs Worth? In April of 2019, Bohemians sold a set of lovely antique Victorian Dining Chairs for around $1300-$1500. The buyer loved that this particular set had been restored and reupholstered.

Of course, these Victorian chairs also had a very unique look. Although, unmarked, Bohemians attributed these chairs to Berkey and Gay, since they matched a dining table that sold separately.

Let’s take a look at the specs on these chairs:

Item: Antique Victorian Mahogany Dining Chairs.
Age & Condition: Circa 1890-1900. Refinished and Reupholstered.
Dimensions: Side Chairs: 20″ wide x 18.5″ deep x 37.5″ tall.
Arm Chair: 21.5″ wide x 20″ deep x 39″ tall.

Antique Victorian Dining Chairs in beautiful mahogany wood. These stunning antique chairs feature a beautiful vase-shaped back splat and charming rose carving along the back. The captain chair has stunning scroll arms.
These antique chairs underwent a thorough restoration. The mahogany finish was restored and brought to its original luster. The seats, too, were re-webbed and reupholstered in a beautiful teal and blue diamond fabric.
We believe these chairs were made by famous furniture manufacturer, Berkey and Gay, around the turn of the century. This Grand Rapids Michigan company was known for their intricate and delicate furniture designs. They spearheaded much of the Jacobean revival furniture styles that took the Art Deco period by storm.

Antique Victorian Chairs
Antique Victorian Chairs can be a funny thing nowadays. People either love or hate Victorian Furniture. Surely though, the condition on Victorian Furniture makes a huge difference in the retail price today!

Unfortunately, an old Victorian chair that has loose joints, old upholstery fabric or really degraded foam or stuffing can really go for next to nothing at auctions today.

Of course, not many people see the value in restoring old chairs… Firstly, there is the expense of repair and upholstery. Many people are shocked to find the cost of labor involved with reupholstery and repair work.

Secondly, there is the cost in comfort. Victorian Chairs are often small and dainty. Today’s average buyer is looking for a dining chair that can accommodate all members of the family, including ones that might carry a bit more weight.

That said, Victorian Chairs still steal the hearts of collectors and decorators! Their unusual tooling, striking use of fine woods and design, and overall sophistication can really entice the elegant home owner.

Victorian Homes and Victorian Furniture
Believe it or not, it has been said that Victorian Homes are the most popular style of historic homes in America today. Likely, this also has to do with the lengthy time span of the Victorian home, spanning from 1850 to almost 1920!

But, I think it also speaks to the fascination with the Victorian Period. Of course, stylistically, Victorian Furniture can have a wide range. You can see Rococo Revival pieces, Renaissance style pieces and then simpler Eastlake style Victorian Furniture. The common theme of Victorian furniture and Victorian homes is a taste for the extravagant!

I believe Victorian Furniture, when really seen in a new light, will make a comeback. Opulent, rich and tasteful, it may resurface as a trend once minimalism gets stale! Of course, I prefer it to Mid Century Modern Furniture on any day!

But what do you think? Is Victorian Furniture undervalued at the moment? Do you collect any Victorian pieces for your home?

Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to know your thoughts on this discussion of antiques.

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