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What is an Antique Piano Stool Worth? Any Value? Prices?

What is an Antique Piano Stool Worth? An antique piano stool with glass feet sold at Bohemians in early 2020 for around $200-$300. The glass balls and talon feet always make antique piano stools a popular buy!

Value and prices on piano stools can range between $50-$500 depending on age, condition, beauty.
The Antique Piano Bench was described by the following:

Item: Antique Mahogany Piano Bench with Glass Feet.
Age & Condition: Circa 1910. Refinished and Restored.
Dimensions: 36″ wide x 13″ deep x 19.5″ tall.
Antique Piano Bench with Glass Feet
Antique Piano Bench with Glass Feet and ball and claw foot.
This lovely piano bench has a very nice look and could work as a entryway bench or hall bench as well!
We refinished this bench to bring back its original beauty.

Antique Piano Benches
Antique Piano Benches sometimes go for more money than antique pianos! One of the greatest surprises of my first auction experiences were the incredibly low prices of pianos, player pianos and antique organs.

Of course, I soon found out how heavy, cumbersome and basically “obsolete” many of these old pianos were.

Indeed, after selling and delivering a few baby grand pianos out of our antique store, my husband has decided it is much easier to sell the benches and piano stools and leave the pianos for someone else!

However, the antique piano stools can still be worth a few dollars today. If your antique piano stool has a nice look, it may find its way to an artist studio, hallway or kitchen! These little unique pieces of antique furniture bring a touch of nostalgia to any home.

Antique Piano Stool
Antique Piano Stools can be simple or ornate. Often, they featured some style nods to the piano itself. So you might find an antique piano stool with carved legs, scroll work or fancy feet. Sometimes they even have inlay designs.

The value of an antique piano stool always comes down to the condition, style and history. But, finding a buyer for your antique piano stool shouldn’t be too tough. At least, not as tough as moving the piano!

How to Date an Antique Piano Stool
Dating an antique piano stool comes down to recognizing certain style features. For instance, if you have a ball and claw foot stool with glass balls similar to the one above, it likely dates to the early 1900’s or late 1800s.

Victorian antique piano stools may feature wrought iron feet as well. Or they could have chunkier more Rococo style legs. Early Victorian stools from the Empire period might have column type bases and animal paw feet carvings. These mostly date from before 1850.

Did you inherit an antique piano or antique piano stool from a family member? Let us know your story in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “What is an Antique Piano Stool Worth? Any Value? Prices?

  1. Did the church share any info with you? Can you date the church? that is where i would start. You can also look at the style of the bench and get a rough estimate to the period it would be from.

  2. Hello, I recently inherited an old piano bench. It’s not in the best shape, so I’d like to refinish/recover it. I just wanted to maybe date it/get some more info before I get to messing with it. Please let me know If I can send pics. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jeremy, If its a bench most likely its from 1920 to present, I would suggest just looking thru google photos for “antique piano bench” or “piano bench” and reading about one that is similar. The values are not typically very high for piano benches or stools so no worries updating your piece, have fun.

  3. We purchased a piano stool (seat swivels) with claw feet and glass balls in the talons. Only markings we could find is the number 2 underneath the seat in metal plate. We purchased for 15$. Was just curious if good deal.

    1. Hi, great deal. Enjoy the piano stool. Many antique stools are worth more and easier to sell than the organs they were paired with. 8-9 years ago we struggled to get $50 for beautiful piano stools and many vendors were taking them apart and using the metal and glass talons as cane toppers. Today we do see a resurgence in the desirability leading to much higher prices for great condition good looking piano stools and benches. So again great find.

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