Reproduction Canopy Bed

Vintage King Size Bed, Ira Lesher and Sons Furniture

This is a stunning solid cherry hand carved King Size rice poster or canopy bed, made by Pennsylvania craftsmen, Ira Lesher and Sons from Marion, Pennsylvania. The rice paddy carvings on each poster are a reference to 18th Century design that is rumored to have originated in the Low Country of the Carolinas. Rice plantations were part of Charleston, South Carolina’s main economy at that time. The rice paddy became a symbol of wealth and prosperity and the rice poster bed became a part of classic federal design that continues to this day.

This beautiful king size poster bed is expertly crafted out of solid locally grown cherry, and can be kept as a poster bed or as a full canopy bed. There is a long solid metal piece that screws into the headboard and footboard of the bed as a center support for the box spring and mattress. This bed is in excellent condition and was only used for a short time in a bed and breakfast before being offered for sale here. Please check that the height and width of the posters/canopy will be accommodated in your home.

Dimensions: 80″ wide x 87″ deep x 87.5″ tall with canopy

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