Vintage Cherry Dresser, Harden Furniture

Vintage Cherry Dresser, Harden Furniture

Vintage Cherry Dresser

Beautiful vintage cherry dresser in solid cherry wood. This high quality nine drawer dresser has a sharp look and shows beautifully, by Harden Furniture.

Certainly, this dresser has a traditional style that allows it to work in many different homes. It has a total of nice drawers, with three small drawers in the top row and a double row of three graduating drawers.

Also, it has nice simple brass hardware. Finally it has bracket feet.

Harden Furniture

We refinished the top of this nine drawer dresser by Harden Furniture. It may have a few small imperfections, such as small divots. However, it shows very nicely and is ready for your home.

A vintage cherry dresser from Harden Furniture would typically feature solid construction, fine cherry wood with a rich finish, and traditional design elements such as sturdy brass hardware, dovetail joints, and elegant detailing.

When searching for vintage Harden Furniture pieces like a cherry dresser, it’s essential to inspect the item for signs of authenticity, such as manufacturer’s markings or labels. You’ll want to ensure that the piece is in good condition, with minimal wear and tear, and that any necessary restoration work has been done sympathetically to preserve its value and charm.

You can find vintage Harden Furniture pieces, including cherry dressers, through antique shops, online marketplaces specializing in vintage furniture, or auctions featuring quality hardwood furniture. Keep in mind that vintage furniture shopping requires patience and careful consideration, but the reward of finding a beautiful and timeless piece for your home can be well worth the effort.

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