Vintage Dresser, Statton Furniture

Vintage Cherry, Wood Dresser, Ten Drawers, Statton Furniture

Beautiful vintage dresser in solid cherry wood. This beautiful Statton Furniture dresser shows excellent quality and beauty!

Vintage Dresser

Of course, the dresser a total of ten drawers. The drawers have a very nice layout, with six smaller drawers towards the top and four wider drawers on the bottom. Also, the dresser features solid brass hardware. Finally, the dresser features canted corners with a bit of fluting and rosettes. So, the dresser has a very elegant look.

Statton Furniture

Certainly, Statton Furniture has a great reputation for high end furniture. Of course, this drawers in this dresser feature dovetailed joints. Also, it has a lovely dark finish.

Overall, the dresser has a very nice look. You may find minor signs of age or use, typical with age.

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