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Vintage Single Chair, Statton Furniture

Item: Vintage Statton Furniture (Master’s Woodshop) Chair.

Age & Condition: Circa 2000. Good condition, refinished.

Dimensions: 22″ wide 18″ deep x 38″ tall. Seat height 21″ tall.


Vintage Single Chair

Nice vintage single chair in solid cherry by Statton Furniture. This nice chair has a traditional frame and a more contemporary fabric!

Of course, the chair has a great design. It features a simple yet elegant Queen Anne design, with vase-shaped back-splat and cabriole legs.

The upholstered seat features a coral fabric with a geometric pattern.

Statton Furniture

Originally made by the Master’s Woodshop in Hagerstown, MD, the chair actually features the design of Statton Furniture. In the early 2000s, the Master’s Woodshop purchased the rights to build Statton Furniture designs, and market them as such.

We refinished the chair. However, the upholstery is original.