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Vintage Coffee Table, Statton Furniture

Item: Vintage Coffee Table in Solid Cherry Wood (originally made by Statton Furniture).

Age & Condition: Made by the Statton Workshops in circa 2000. Finished by our own team.

Dimensions: 46″ wide x 29″ deep x 18″ tall.


Vintage Coffee Table

Beautiful vintage coffee table in solid cherry wood. This nicely-made cherry coffee table by Statton Furniture has a very pretty traditional look and design.

Of course, the coffee table looks like an oval, but has a slightly more clover-shaped design. Also, it has beautiful Queen Anne legs. Finally, it has a really pretty blockfront style apron.

Statton Furniture

Certainly, Statton Furniture has a great reputation for quality. This coffee table does not have the original Statton marks. We purchased it from the Statton workshops in un-finished state. Then, we assembled it and finished it in our own stain and finish. It probably is closest to Statton’s Old Towne or Centennial finish.