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Vintage Persian Rug, Room Size Rug

Item: Vintage Room Size Rug, Persian (Hand-knotted). Professionally cleaned.

Age & Condition: 20-50 years old. Very good pile, good fringe. Some fading and color variation in the main field of the rug. Also, you may wish to resew the leather binding on the edge.

Dimensions: 8 ft 10 x About 12 ft.


Vintage Persian Rug

How much is a Vintage Persian Rug worth? This beautiful handknotted rug sold in October of 2022 for roughly $1385.

Beautiful vintage Persian Rug with charming floral pattern. This beautiful handknotted rug has so much depth and style!

Of course, the vintage Persian rug features a very pretty tomato red field with navy blue border. Also, it has a beautiful design with sprays of floral designs dancing across the field. Certainly, this gives this vintage room size rug so much movement.

Room Size Rug

Likely, this room size rug sat underneath a dining room table. We can see some discoloration across the field from what appears to be table legs or pedestals. So, there are some areas of abrash (or color fading) throughout the rug, where the color goes from rust to tomato red in places.

Also, the rug has leather binding on the underside of the rug. In some spots, the sewing of this binding has become loose.

Despite these imperfections, the rug has an incredible look. Additionally, it has a very plush pile and the fringe is in very good shape.

We had this room size rug professionally cleaned (Essis and Sons). It is ready for your home.