pink rug
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Persian Rug 7 by 10 ft

Item: Persian Style Floral Room size Rug.

Age & Condition: 40-60 years old. Excellent Vintage Condition. All rugs have been cleaned.

Size: 7 ft by 10 ft.


Floral Rug

This floral rug gives a breath of fresh air to any room. Beautiful floral Persian Room Size rug for $899. This beautiful carpet has a nice rose pink field with a very floral pattern. It has great blues and and mint greens to pull from as well. Dimensions: 7 ft by 10 ft.

Vintage Persian Rugs

Vintage Persian rugs offer people a chance to purchase a high end wool rug that has been hand made. Of course vintage Persian rugs look great, wear well and add an element of class to any room. This floral rug has incredible style!