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Kashan Persian Room Size Rug II

Item: Vintage Hand Knotted Persian Room Size Rug (Kashan II)

Age & Condition: Probably about 40 years old. Some of the fringe has bled to a light pink. Otherwise good vintage condition.

Dimensions: 9 ft 7″ by 12 ft 9″.


Kashan Persian Room Size Rug II

Kashan Persian Room Size Rug with traditional colors and pattern. This beautiful room size rug has a very pretty central medallion and nicely patterned field.

The main colors are a deep red in the field, with cream and blue border. It also has a good amount of olive green in areas.

Quite similar to Kashan Room Size Persian Rug I, this rug could work in a family room, dining room or living room.

This rug does have a small issue on the fringe. It appears that the color has bled slightly onto one side of the fringe, making it a light pink color. However, besides for this small flaw, the rug is in great condition.