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Vintage Oil Painting, Oil on Canvas, Charles Stepule

Item: Vintage Oil on Canvas (original) by Charles Stepule. Framed and signed.

Age & Condition: Dated 1979. Good condition. May have minor wear to the frame.

Dimensions: 35″ wide x 28.5″ tall.


Vintage Oil Painting

Vibrant and beautiful vintage oil painting by artist Charles Stepule. This lively and colorful oil on canvas has so much charm and a great color palette.

Of course, the American artist Charles Stepule (b. 1911-2006) was known for his seascapes and coastal scenes of New England. His signature style is usually characterized as somewhat impressionistic, with lots of bold brushstrokes of color.

Oil on Canvas

framed in a gold frame with a small carved filet. Overall, the painting is in excellent shape. The frame may show minor signs of age.