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Antique Etching – Ernest C. Rost

Item: Antique Etching by Ernest C. Rost entitled “On the Delaware”

Age: Circa 1890.

Details: Etching on Paper.
Long panoramic composition.
Period Victorian Fame.

Condition: Good antique condition. Some fading and toning to the paper. Some damage and patina to the frame.

Size: 48″ wide x 26″ tall (frame dimensions)

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Antique etching

Antique etching from American artist in a beautiful period frame entitled “On the Delaware.” The artist, Ernest C. Rost, was born in 1867 and died in the 1940’s. He is best known for his etchings and landscapes like this one.

This antique etching by E.C. Rost has great composition and detail. A long horizontal shot, this antique etching has a panoramic, photographic feel. It is divided roughly in two by the tall full tree. To the left is the marshy land, imprinted with tire tracks. To the right is the quiet river. Some houses peak up over the hills in the distance. A few seagulls add life to the landscape.

As a result of the restrained medium and color palate, this antique etching has great simplicity and stillness.

E.C. Rost

To us, the beautiful work by E.C. Rost has been enhanced by the beautiful gilded frame. This pierce carved gilded Victorian frame adds a touch of glamour to this otherwise simple scene. It has quite a bit of detail, although the frame shows its age. Please see the photos. Consequently, the patina matches the signed date of the artwork (1890). It provides a fitting frame for this historic original etching.

In addition, the E.C. Rost work itself shows some patina. Faintly perceptible in the work are two dark vertical shadows. We believe this to be the mark of two window panes. Perhaps this painting hung across from a sunny window and faded with time.

Certainly, this antique etching has character and soul. It’s great long proportions make it perfectly suited for above a fireplace or mantel piece.

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