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Vintage Oil on Canvas, Framed, How much did it sell for?

Item: Vintage Framed Oil Painting on Canvas.

Age & Condition: Circa 1980. Good vintage condition.

Dimensions: Framed dimensions 30″ wide x 26″ tall.


Vintage Oil on Canvas

Beautiful vintage oil on canvas in a lovely vintage frame. This nice oil painting has a beautiful naturalistic style and great color.

Of course, the vintage oil on canvas depicts a few trees on either side of a creek bed. The brushes and tall grasses suggest a southern and somewhat marshy landscape.

Certainly, the artist used very expressive brush strokes and thick paint to create dimension in the work. Also, the sky and water are both incredibly vibrant blue!

Although unsigned, this lovely work of art has a very authentic and sophisticated look. At the same time, the subject matter and technique are not pretentious in the slightest.

Additionally, the gilded frame adds a nice touch.

Vintage Painting Value

This vintage painting with nice frame sold in January of 2023 for just under $400.